Baby Gear

Baby Gear

The downloadable singleton and twin baby gear lists below are intended to help parents determine which gear is necessary, which is nice to have, and which items you do not need. I put the lists together to help parents only spend money on items they will use. The gear listed gives you the most bang for your buck, for example, you do not need to be spending $500 on a stroller. Additionally, the items on the lists have been chosen based on my own personal experience, I have used almost every single item on them.

Singleton Baby Gear List

Twins Baby Gear List

Below you will find the Babies R Us registry must have checklist.  I have marked up the singleton and twin checklists with my recommendations on what you really need. These lists are downloadable as well.

Babies R Us Singleton Checklist Comparison

Babies R Us Twins Checklist Comparison