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Potty Training Twins – 45 Days Later

Potty Training Twins – 45 Days Later

As promised here is an update on the current status of potty training the twins. Check out the original potty training post when we were 10 days into this adventure:

Potty Training Twins Using the 3-Day Potty Training Method

The Good News:

Overall both twins are more or less fully potty trained at this point. Are there still accidents here and there? Yes! As expected, these happen when the twins are very engrossed in an activity or when we are out and about. We also still use diapers for nap time and bedtime because we need to. I am happy with this set up. We made huge progress and cut down drastically on the number of diapers we go through a day. We are very happy about this and I think the garbage collectors are too. I’m not kidding you guys, we have been scolded numerous times for our garbage being too heavy and having 3 kids in diapers was a huge contributor.


A piece of big news is S has started pooping on the potty. I wish I knew exactly why and could share a secret that would help solve this issue for everyone. I did make some observations and can provide a few tips. There were two issues with S:

  • She did not want to poop on the potty and would wait for nap or bedtime to go in her diaper
  • Sometimes she would play with her poop during nap time (this issue was happening before we started potty training).

There are two things that helped S with pooping. First, both her nanny, my husband, and I stopped talking about pooping with her and we did not make a big deal if she went in her diaper. We decided this because she seemed stressed and did not want to listen when we would bring up the subject. This included not discussing any pooping incidents in front of her. An example being when I come home from work and speak with our nanny about the day, we made sure she did not hear us talking about any pooping incidents. As for touching her poopy diaper, if she did that, we told her she should not do this and she was not allowed TV the rest of the day.

The second thing that helped with pooping on the potty was being a twin. This is not great news to all the non-twin parents out there. However, for the twin parents, finally something you can use to your advantage! For all the extra work twins entail, it’s nice to have little bonuses like this every now and then. If you don’t have twins it might be useful to have your child consistently observe another child (older sibling, daycare friend, etc) pooping on the potty. The reason I believe being a twin helped is the first 2-3 times S pooped on the potty, it was directly after she had watched her twin sister do it and receive a treat. It was so exciting to see how proud S was when she accomplished pooping on the potty too.

To summarize the two keys for successful potty pooping for S were:

  • Not making a big deal if she pooped in her diaper, but also teaching her it is not okay to play with or touch a poopy diaper.
  • Watching another child the same age poop on the potty and receive a reward for it.


Finally, over the weekend we purchased piddle pads for the car seats. Like I said, there are still accidents every now and then. The most likely place we have had accidents are the car seats. Multiply this times 2 and my husband has been spending too much time taking car seats out and cleaning them. Plus, don’t forget it takes time to reinstall the seats too. We haven’t used the piddle pads yet, so I’m not sure how well they will work, but I think they will be worth the investment:

Summer Infant Piddle Pad

Overall, I’m very happy with our potty training adventure to date. If you stay relaxed and have reasonable expectations for your child(ren), I believe it will go well for your family too.