Baby Gear Knowledge

Once we found out we were having a twins I decided to get two different brands of smaller items (bottles, pacifiers, etc).  Usually what happened is one of the babies would have a preference for a certain type and the other baby would not.  It surprisingly worked out well that we could use everything that was purchased and generally not have to spend extra money because they didn’t like something.  With this approach, I got extra experience with different baby items and I ended up putting together a list of must haves, nice to haves, and things you don’t need.  I have shared this with some of my first time mom friends and I have been told how useful it was, so I figured I would start out this blog by publishing the list here.  I will be posting a different category each week and there will be quantities for twins vs. singletons.  Sometimes it’s hard to know which items you really need and a lot of money can be wasted on gear that you do not end up using.  I hope these lists will help decipher what’s absolutely necessary so you don’t spend money on things you won’t use. Finally, please let me know your thoughts, such as anything you would add to the list or a certain brand you liked.  I would love to get your input and feedback.