What do you really need for feeding your baby during the first year? I have compiled a list of must have baby feeding products that includes all the gear you need whether you will be breastfeeding, formula feeding, or pumping.

And, after you get through those first 4-6 months your baby will be starting solids. All the must have baby feeding products for starting solids are also listed.

As you check out your baby’s feeding needs, we have also included the quantities required for those having twins.

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What Breastfeeding Moms Need

The recommendations below are based on waiting to see how breastfeeding is going before investing too much money into it.

If you end up breastfeeding, then you can buy more quantities of the items listed below, as needed.

(1)* Breastfeeding Pillow

I used both the My Brest Friend and the Boppy nursing pillows. I kept one upstairs and one downstairs.

I thought the My Brest Friend was better during the first 4 weeks. After that, I like the Boppy for feeding in bed and the My Brest Friend when sitting on a couch.

Start with one pillow (probably the My Brest Friend), if breastfeeding is going well, you can always purchase a second pillow for convenience.

For twins, I did not have the Twin Z pillow, but I wish I did. In fact, it’s a good pillow to get, even if you are not breastfeeding.

You can use it as a place to set your babies down or to prop their heads during bottle feeding.

With that said, if you are having twins, I recommend getting one nursing pillow meant for one baby and a Twin Z pillow.

There will be times you nurse only one baby and it is much easier to use the pillow built for a singleton.

Don’t forget to get a cover for each pillow too.

*will need (1) singleton nursing pillow and (1) Twin Z pillow for twins

(1) Box of Breast Pads 

I recommend the Lansinoh brand and starting with a box of 60.

(1) Tube of Lanolin 

I prefer the Medela brand over the Lansinoh brand, it flows much better out of the tube.

I only used this during the first few weeks of nursing, but you will need it.

(3) Nursing Bras

When purchasing a nursing bra, the best option is to get a bra fitting by the lactation department at the hospital after you have given birth.

Your body will be changing leading up to labor and delivery, so it’s best to hold off on buying the nursing bra until you can be accurately measured.

Once you have your size, Target has a lot of great, comfortable options for nursing bras at a great price.

Breast Pump Recommendations

(1) Breast Pump

Personally, I used the Medela Pump In Style Advanced pump. It was a great pump and it worked really well for me.

I would get a lot of milk when I pumped and it did not hurt me.

Other pumps that are very popular are the Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 pumps.

The best thing about the breast pump was this was taken care of at the hospital where I gave birth.

The lactation department had my insurance information and provided me with my pump choices.

I told them what I wanted and they brought it to me to take home from the hospital.

I found this the easiest way to go about it because they know how to get you the best quality pumping gear, provided for free through your insurance company.

Breastfeeding Gear To Buy After You Know It’s Going Well


The number of bottles you need will depend on how often you will be apart from your baby.

For example, if you will be pumping at work, you will probably need more bottles than a stay at home mom.

You can start out with the bottles that come with the breast pump and get more as needed. But, be aware, you might need to purchase the nipples for feeding.

If you have a Medela pump, I recommend purchasing this Medela bottle set*. And, if you will be away from your baby often, I recommend you also get this Medela cooler set*.

The bottle set comes with the nipples you will need for feeding and the cooler set is great for working moms.

I used the Medela bottles because all the parts matched up with the pump I had, which makes life much easier.

*get 2 sets for twins

(1) Hands Free Pumping Bra (optional)

Even though this is technically optional, I highly recommend purchasing a hands free pumping bra.

If you will be pumping at work, this is a necessity. And, in fact, you might want to purchase two. One to keep at home and one to keep at work.

(1) Breastfeeding Cover (optional)

This was a necessity for me personally, but I know not all moms need or want a breastfeeding cover.

I wasn’t able to successfully use a breastfeeding cover until my baby was around 4-6 weeks old.

must have baby feeding products for the first year

Formula Feeding Must Haves

Buy these items before baby is born

(3 or 4)* 4 – 5 oz Bottles

I have used both Philips Avent and Dr. Brown’s and bottles. For ease with cleaning I recommend Avent because it has less parts and did not leak from the nipple as much.

However, it’s not always that easy, sometimes you might have to test different brands to see if your baby has a preference.

For example, in the first 2 months, one of the twins would have a large amount of milk dribble out of her mouth. She did much better with the Dr. Brown’s bottles.

If you only want to clean bottles once a day, you can get more bottles after you know which brand your baby does well with.

*will need (6) for twins


A tip for getting free formula!

Register on the Similac and Enfamil websites for their rewards programs. You will get free formula samples before your baby is born.

Then, you will continue to receive coupons throughout the year, if you end up using one of these brands for formula.

Additionally, you might get some free formula at the hospital. You should have enough formula to get your through at least the first few days.

This way, you can purchase more formula when you know which brand you will be using.

Buy these items after baby is born

8-9 oz bottles

Wait to see which bottle brand you use before purchasing the larger bottle sizes.


I recommend purchasing the faster flowing nipples as needed. You will notice the baby wanting to drink faster, but not being able to.

This is when you can try going up to the next level for nipple flow.

Supplies Needed For Exclusively Pumping Breast Milk

If you are planning to exclusively pump, then we have already reviewed the items you will need in the breastfeeding section.

Here is the list of must haves for exclusively pumping.

(1) Breast Pump

(1) Box of Breast Pads

(1) Tube of Lanolin

(3) Nursing Bras

(3-4) Bottles – get more once you know which brand your baby likes

(1) Hands Free Pumping Bra

Check out this link if you will be exclusively pumping for twins, and you will find a list of all the gear you need too.

What Do You Need To Start Feeding Solids?

(1)* High Chair

For the twins we purchased 2 regular sized high chairs. The Baby Trend high chairs we purchased have held up really well.

They are easy to clean and the storage spot for the tray is perfect. The only downside is it takes up a lot of space, especially if you need to buy two.

However, due to the space issue, if I did it all over again I would buy the booster seats you attach to a kitchen chair.

If you can spare a kitchen chair and are tight on space I recommend getting a booster seat with tray.

We use these Fisher Price booster seats at our kids’ grandparents house and for traveling. Again, they have held up very well and are easy to clean.

*will need (2) for twins

(2)* Silicone Bibs

These bibs are good when your baby starts eating solid food. They grow with your baby too.

They still fit my 2 and a half year old today and I have not had to replace them due to wear and tear.

*will need (4) for twins

Baby’s 1st Food

You will need food to feed your baby!

First, you will have to decide how and what you will be feeding your baby.  In our house we started with single grain baby oatmeal cereal.

(6) Plastic Spoons

We received a large variety of baby spoons for gifts. I always find myself reaching for these Munchkin ones, they are by far my favorite.

(6) Plastic Bowls

I have liked these Gerber bowls. It’s nice that they come with lids too.

IKEA also has good sets of plastic-ware for babies.

There are no additional quantities of bowls or spoons needed for starting solids with twins.

It’s easiest to just share a spoon and bowl when feeding them.

The Rest Of The Must Have Baby Feeding Products

Now that you have the lists of must have baby feeding products for breastfeeding, formula feeding, pumping and starting solids, let’s check out the must have baby feeding products you will need for all occasions.

(12)* Burp Cloths

I like the flannel burp cloths, they are strong and catch messes well.

*will need (16) for twins

(1) Bottle Brush

I love this OXO bottle brush.

(1) Bottle Drying Rack

We are still using this Boon grass drying rack to this day for sippy cups. I love it.

Transition Sippy Cup Recommendations

(2)* Sippy Cups

Make sure to start with the trainer cups.  At 6 months old we started putting small amounts of water in a sippy cup.

This made transitioning away from the bottle at one year much easier. My kids liked the NUK learner cup and the Munchkin weighted straw cup the best.

*will need (4) for twins

That’s the list for must have baby feeding products during the first year. Be sure to check out our entire baby registry checklist or twin registry checklist before you go.

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Everything you need to feed your baby in the first year.

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