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    Exclusive Pumping Journal (Digital Download)


    Do you need help staying organized as a pumping mama?

    The Exclusive Pumping Journal helps pumping moms understand when and for how long to pump. Use the sample pumping schedules to ensure you make enough breast milk and learn how often your baby should eat.

    The 10-page instantly downloadable pdf allows exclusive pumping moms to keep track of how many ounces they pumped from each breast and the total amount. Additionally, they can track their breast milk inventory, when pump parts were replaced, and how many parts are left.

    Last but not least, the journal allows moms and caregivers to track baby’s feedings and diaper changes throughout the day and includes a breast milk storage sheet for reference.

    What’s Included?

    • Newborn Schedule: 8 pumps per day
    • 3-6 Month Schedule: 6 pumps per day
    • 6+ Months Schedule: 4-5 pumps per day
    • Blank Pumping Schedule (you fill in your exact schedule)
    • Pumping Log
    • Breast Milk Inventory Sheet
    • Pump Part Replacement Tracker
    • Breast Milk Storage Guidelines
    • Daily Baby Feeding & Diaper Log

    When you buy this product you will be able to INSTANTLY download a PDF file of the Exclusive Pumping Journal.

    Prints beautifully in color or black & white.

    For more details and photos scroll down!

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