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Hi, I’m Jeanne, a twin mom and mom of 3. I started Have Twins First to share my experiences during pregnancy, raising twins, and as a parent to little ones with the goal of helping both new and expecting parents.

About Have Twins First

One of the biggest reasons I started this blog was because I found myself totally OBSESSED with finding the best quality baby gear at reasonable prices. Between having twins and a singleton, I have used quite a large variety of baby items firsthand. I use this experience to write articles that help expecting parents with their baby registry and which baby items are best, including for twins. When I was pregnant with twins, I also felt there was a lack of resources for twin parents. That’s why I also like to share my own personal tips and experiences from my twin pregnancy and raising twins.

I have also had the unique experience of feeding my babies (twins included) in almost every way possible including exclusively pumping, exclusively breastfeeding, supplementing with formula, and bottle feeding. I use this knowledge to provide advice on what worked best for feeding my babies.

The last thing I found very important as a parent to babies and newborn twins was establishing a reliable schedule. I like to share my experiences on what worked and what didn’t work. You will find articles that will help with getting both twins and singleton babies onto a good schedule and sleeping well at night.

The Press + About Jeanne Visser

Here are some outlets that have featured and recognized me and Have Twins First as an expert in the twins and parenting niche:

Now for a little bit more about me. I live in Longmeadow, Massachusetts with my children, husband, and our dog Lucy. For over 12 years I worked as a process engineer in the food and chemical manufacturing industry. But, in March 2021 I decided to follow my passion for blogging and start my own business. I now work from home on this blog, plus I also help small business owners grow their online business through SEO, and do technical writing. It’s a big change, but I am loving it.

To tell you just a little bit more about me I grew up in the Syracuse, NY area and I am a huge Syracuse Orange fan. I attended the University of Rochester for my undergraduate studies and I continued on to get my PhD in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University. I am a big sports fan and besides the Orange, I also cheer for the Buffalo Bills and New York Yankees.

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