Baby Registry Planner (Digital Download)


What would it mean if you could:

  • Save time and reduce overwhelm by creating your baby registry fast
  • Get only high quality AND cost effective baby products
  • Understand the baby gear that’s perfect for your family’s SPECIFIC needs

How To Create the Perfect Baby Registry

Are you overwhelmed and spending too much time trying to figure out what to put on your baby registry? Maybe it’s difficult to even get started.

Do you really need all the items on the baby registry checklists from the big box stores? Is it worth spending money on the luxury baby products?

You can get immediate answers to these questions and take your baby registry stress away with the 17-page Baby Registry Planner.

With this easy to use planner you get:

  • 4 Baby Registry Worksheets w/ Instructions: Quickly fill in the simple worksheets to determine the exact needs for your family.
  • A Baby Essentials Checklist: Learn which items are must haves and which are optional. Check them off as you add them to your registry or receive them.
  • Example Amazon & Babylist Baby Registries + Exclusive Links to the Best Mom-Recommended Baby Products: Understand which baby products and brands are the best quality at the best price.
  • A Baby Must Haves Notes Page: Keep track of which items your family personally needs.
  • Baby Registry Greeting Examples: Quickly add a greeting message to thank friends and family once your baby registry is complete.
  • A Gift & Thank You Note Tracker: Keep track of who gave you what and whether a thank you note was sent.
  • 3 Bonus Baby Registry Checklists: Get inspiration for what a minimalist, eco-friendly, & Montessori baby registry would look like. Include some or all of these items on your baby registry.

When you buy this product you will be able to INSTANTLY download a PDF file of the Baby Registry Planner.

Prints beautifully in color or black & white.

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Example of what's included with the Baby Registry Planner.

What’s Included?

Here are the details on what you get with the Baby Registry Planner pdf file.

Baby registry worksheet examples.

Baby Registry Worksheets

Fill out these worksheets before you create your baby registry. They will help you determine which baby items you personally need, where you want to register, and when you need to complete your baby registry by.

  • Baby & Nursery Information
  • Baby Registry Timeline
  • Best Baby Registry Stores
  • Baby Registry Checklist
  • Baby Registry Questions
  • Instructions To Determine Your Specific Needs

Sample baby registries and baby product recommendation links.


Links To Example Baby Registries & Mom-Approved Baby Products

Don’t forget you get links to a sample Amazon baby registry and a sample Babylist baby registry created by a mom of 3. You also get access to an exclusive page with links to the best high quality & cost effective mom-approved baby gear. Complete your baby registry quickly by understanding exactly what items and brands to put on your baby registry.

Baby Registry Checklists

Besides a typical baby essentials list, you get 3 bonus baby registry checklists. Use these for inspiration if you want to include minimalism, eco-friendliness, or Montessori principles within your baby registry.

  • Minimalist Baby Registry Checklist
  • Eco-Friendly Baby Registry Checklist
  • Montessori-Inspired Baby Registry Checklist