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  • Graphic of a baby's head.

    Baby Registry Creation or Audit


    Creation of customized baby registry on Babylist OR baby registry audit of existing baby registry.

  • Baby schedule cheat sheets.

    Baby Schedule Cheat Sheets


    Are you confused by your baby’s sleep schedule? Grab these baby schedule cheat sheets with example schedules from newborn to 3 years old. Includes printable sleeping & feeding schedules, plus tips for calculating your baby’s wake times.

  • Birth it up: C-section series

    Birth It Up: C-Section Series


    The Birth It Up series are online birthing classes created by a labor and delivery nurse and mom of 2 to help expecting moms pick classes tailored to the birth they will have. Whether you are hoping give birth naturally, want an epidural, or are having a C-section, there is a course just for you.

    In the Birth It Up: C-section Series you will learn the following:

    • C-section birth plans
    • C-section indications
    • Benefits and risks for C-sections
    • Hospital bag preparation
    • The entire C-section process
    • Postpartum hospital stay and C-section recovery at home
    • Partner support for a C-section
    • How a C-section affects future pregnancies
  • Amazon baby registry lists from Have Twins First.

    Have Twins First Amazon Baby Registry Lists

    On the Have Twins First Amazon Storefront you will find the best baby registry items, twin baby registry items, & minimalist baby registry items. Check it out!

  • Increasing milk supply classes from Milkology.

    Increasing Milk Supply Online Classes


    Affordable & actionable increasing milk supply online classes from Milkology.

  • Induction 101 mini class.

    Induction 101 Mini Online Class


    Nervous about labor? This online class takes a deep dive into anything and everything about induction. Taught my a labor and delivery nurse and mom of 2, you will learn the natural ways to induce labor that actually work and what to expect at a medical labor induction.

    If you want to know how to get labor started or what will happen if it needs to be started medically, this is THE course you need to take!

  • Newborn basics 101 online course.

    Newborn Basics 101


    8 video-based newborn lessons with topics including feeding, diapering & hygiene, sleep, healthy & safety, transitioning to parenthood, and general newborn information.

  • Milkology breastfeeding and pumping classes.

    Online Breastfeeding & Pumping Classes


    Affordable & actionable online breastfeeding and pumping classes brought to you by Milkology.

  • Prenatal class for couples.

    Online Prenatal Class For Couples


    Crush birth anxiety with this online prenatal course designed especially for couples. Taught by a labor and delivery nurse with over 20 years of experience this course is broken down into three categories:

    1. Before Labor
    2. Labor
    3. After-Delivery

    In the online prenatal course for couples you will learn:

    • What to expect during third trimester testing
    • When to go to the hospital
    • Signs of labor
    • Hospital admissions process when in labor
    • What to expect for induction
    • What actually happens at delivery
    • Labor pain management options
    • Common labor complications
    • C-section information
    • What to expect during the “golden hour”
    • Differences between labor and delivery and postpartum care
    • What to expect from your care providers
    • How your body will feel a few days and a few weeks after delivery
    • Warning signs for both mom and baby
    • Breastfeeding tips
    • Postpartum feelings
    • Bonus video on newborn care

    Online prenatal class for couples.

  • Potty training planner printable.

    Potty Training Planner (Printable)


    Want to get organized before you start potty training to make sure you do it right the first time around? This is the perfect product for you! Includes over 60 pages to keep you and your toddler on track including potty training schedules, sticker reward charts, and potty training checklists.

  • Pregnancy planner (printable bundle).

    Pregnancy Planner (Printable Bundle)


    Everything you need to plan your pregnancy and get ready for your baby’s arrival, includes journals, checklists, and tracking lists.

  • The key to the ZZZs newborn sleep class.

    The Key To The ZZZs – Newborn Sleep Class


    Take all your questions and stress about newborn sleep away with this newborn sleep course. The class is taught by a certified baby sleep consultant. where you will learn the following:

    • Solving day and night confusion
    • The ideal nursery environment
    • How to make sure you have a safe baby sleep environment
    • Teaching your newborn independent sleep
    • Sample newborn schedules
  • Toddler bedtime battles ebook photo.

    Toddler Bedtime Battles eBook


    Struggling with getting your toddler to sleep? This is a must have book to get your toddler to go to bed and stay asleep all night.