When you have a baby, diaper leaks (especially at nighttime) are a common problem. As a mom of 3, I have dealt with my fair share of diaper leaks when my children were infants and toddlers.

The biggest issues I encountered were diapers leaking overnight and also when my children were in between diaper sizes. After struggling with extra laundry for years, I was very interested when I heard about Sposie booster pads.

These ingenious pads are the perfect diaper supplement for children who routinely have diaper leaks. Below you will learn how to use Sposie pads and my personal thoughts on why these super-absorbent pads are a huge lifesaver for parents struggling with diaper leaks.

This post has been sponsored by Sposie. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

What Are Sposie Booster Pads?

Sposie booster pads are absorbent pads that are inserted into diapers. They provide extra protection to prevent diaper leaks. These pads come in three different sizes for babies and toddlers. Each size fits the following diaper size range:

  • N to 3
  • 4 to 6
  • 2T to 5T

Below you will see a picture of the N-3 pad and also the 2T-5T pad. This will give you an idea of what they look like and the difference in sizes. Additionally, you can see that the 2T-5T pad has an adhesive strip.

Sposie booster pads in sizes 2T-5T and N-3.
Sposie booster pads. Size 2T-5T shown on left and size N-3 shown on right.

How To Use Sposie Pads

Using Sposie booster pads is so simple! Here are the three easy steps to follow for the N-3 and 4-6 sizes:

  1. Lay diaper flat (absorbent side up) on a hard surface
  2. Place the Sposie booster pad in the center of the diaper, seam side down
  3. Put the diaper on the child

And here are the instructions for using the 2T-5T size, which has an adhesive strip:

  1. Remove paper backing from the adhesive strip
  2. Place booster pad adhesive side down in either a regular or pull on style diaper
  3. Diaper the child as normal

Reasons I Love Sposie Pads for Preventing Diaper Leaks

Now that we have reviewed what Sposie booster pads are and how to use Sposie pads, I want to share exactly why I think these pads are such a huge help for parents to little ones.

1 – Stay Dry Through the Entire Night

Anything that helps prevent diaper leaks through the night is a huge benefit for parents. Besides not having a mess to clean, parents get more sleep.

When your baby or toddler stays dry through the night you won’t be up in the middle of the night or in the very early morning hours changing diapers, clothes, and sheets. On top of that, preventing diaper leaks overnight, can help babies sleep longer. They won’t wake up due to discomfort from their clothes being wet.

2 – Leak-Free When In Between Diaper Sizes

My kids experienced diaper leaks often when they were getting too big for one diaper size, but not quite ready for the next size up. The extra protection provided by Sposie pads helps babies stay dry as they transition to a new diaper size.

3 – Nighttime Potty Training Solution

The time I struggled the most with diaper leaks was the toddler years. When we potty trained our twins, we focused first on daytime potty training. Nighttime potty training came much later, and we dealt with a lot of diaper leaks.

The toddler pull up style diapers just weren’t able to always hold everything that was needed. These booster pads are the perfect supplement to help toddlers get through the night without leaks.

4 – Reduces Laundry

Less diaper leaks means less dirty clothes to wash. Less diaper leaks at night means less baby bedding to wash too. With less laundry to do, you will reduce your workload a little bit.

5 – Made in USA

I love to hear that the Sposie booster pads are made in the USA. More specifically, they are manufactured in Ohio. It’s always great to support a business that’s providing jobs in your home country.

6 – Super Soft & Non-Toxic

I was very impressed by how incredibly soft the Sposie booster pads are. This softness means they are very comfortable for babies.

Additionally, these pads are 100% free from fragrance, latex, chlorine, and phthalates. They are made with hypoallergenic materials and cruelty-free sourced materials.

The #1 diaper booster pads.

Is There Anything Else To Know About How To Use Sposie Pads?

There are a couple more items I want to mention. First up, within the package each booster pad is NOT individually wrapped.

I don’t necessarily see this as an issue. It’s just that I ripped the first one I took out because I did not realize this. It’s just something to be aware of if you decide to order these pads.

The second thing I want to point out is you can use Sposie pads with cloth diapers too. It’s nice that you can use this product with both disposable and cloth diapers.

If you are struggling with diaper leaks I recommend trying out Sposie booster pads today.

You now understand what Sposie booster pads are and how to use them, plus the reasons they are a huge help for parents to little ones. Now is as good a time as any to put those constant diaper leaks behind you! Finally for even more help with diaper changes, check out these printable logs and checklists too.

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