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The Advantages to Feeding Solid Foods to Twins

The Advantages to Feeding Solid Foods to Twins

Now that I have had the opportunity to start solids with both twins and a singleton, I thought I would share my list of advantages for feeding twins versus just one baby. Let’s face it, twins require a lot of work. It’s nice to be reminded of some of the things that are easier with twins.


  • Less likely to waste food – If one of the babies doesn’t like the food you are offering, maybe the other one will. This almost always worked out for us. Some days your baby just doesn’t want to eat as much. With twins, you have another baby you can offer the food to instead of it going to waste.
  • Same amount of dishes – Twins share everything! This can include spoons and dishes when they are babies. I found it to be much more efficient to use one bowl and one spoon when feeding baby food to twins. If one of the twins was sick I would use separate bowls and spoons (always to no avail), but at least I felt like I was trying.
  • Using the whole container of baby food – During the first few months on solids I have found my babies do not eat an entire container of baby food. Once it’s opened it only lasts 1-2 days. It’s nice to not have to keep track of how long a container has been opened.
  • They watch each other – If twins are your first children they have their sibling to watch. This means, they might be more likely to try food if other one tries it. Or, they might figure out how to pick up pieces of food more quickly by watching their sibling do it.

One Disadvantage

  • Keeping Up – Feeding two babies is a lot of work. One of the twins, was very impatient when she was hungry and sat there crying when she ran out of food. She’s also a very fast eater. It was near impossible to cut fruits and veggies fast enough to keep up with two babies. Our singleton also cries for food, but it’s much easier to attend to him because I can focus solely on preparing his food.

Should Twins Start Solids At The Same Time?

One question that will come up is when to start solids. In our case we started J on solids a few weeks before S. J was showing the readiness signs at 5 months, so we started her on solids. In the meantime, S, didn’t show much interest and was not at all bothered that her sister was eating differently than her. This is what worked for us. When the time comes, you will see what works best for your family. Once S started solids, we were able to keep the twins on the same feeding schedule again.

It’s nice to know there are a lot of advantages to feeding twins solid foods versus a singleton. For more information on feeding solids to babies, check out our post Starting Solids – Top 5 Tips.