As a parent of two newborns one of the thousands of decisions you will have to make is what your newborn twins sleeping arrangements will look. You want a sleeping setup that is safe and comfortable, while also being easy for you to manage.

The first few months of a baby’s life are all about sleeping and eating. This means you will have to put your twins to bed several times a day. Creating an arrangement where babies fall asleep easily and sleep for longer is crucial.

As a twin mom myself, I wanted to share the best options new twin parents have for twin sleeping arrangements during the newborn stage. Having a good setup will make your life and your new babies’ lives easier. So, let’s get started reviewing the best options.

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Should Newborn Twins Sleep Together? Is It Safe?

Newborn twins sleeping together in the same crib or bassinet should not be an issue. It is generally safe because most babies don’t roll over or move from side to side while they are sleeping until they are 3-5 months of age.

Newborn babies are often put to sleep in their sleep sacks or swaddle blankets, so there is basically no risk of suffocation. Additionally, newborns usually don’t get disturbed by sounds around them.

Their sleep is very deep. At the end of the day, it is the parents decision if they want to put both newborn twins in the same crib or bassinet or not.

When Should Twins Stop Sharing a Crib?

Twins should stop sharing a crib when at least one twin starts to roll over or move from side to side. When an infant starts to move around he or she may harm the twin sibling by rolling over him or her. It can cause suffocation.

Another thing to consider is when babies are able to break through their swaddle wraps. This is a sign that their hand movements are now strong enough to hurt the other baby. So, this is also a consideration and a good time to separate twins into their own cribs.

Should Newborn Twins Sleep In Their Parents Room?

Newborn twins should sleep in their parents room, but not in their bed. Infant cribs or bassinets should be moved near the parents bed, so that the parents can take care of their babies easily while avoiding the risk of suffocation. According to the American Academy Of Pediatrics (AAP):

“Sharing a room with an infant, without sharing a bed, can reduce the risk of SIDS by up to 50 percent.”

When babies are sleeping in their parents room it is easier for mom and dad to look after them at night.

The Best Newborn Twins Sleeping Arrangements

Just like every baby is different, every pair of twins is also different. Some twins are totally fine when they are separated, while others will have a hard time. When deciding your newborn twins sleeping arrangements you should consider the following points:

  • If they are happy when separated
  • How much space there is for two cribs or bassinets in your room or in the nursery
  • Is it possible for you to put them to sleep in your room
  • Do you have enough energy to put your twins to sleep in different places and take care of both of them separately

Take into account your own situation and use the following options to decide the best possible sleeping arrangements for you and your twins.

1 – Twin Bassinets

There are actually quite a few twin bassinets on the market today. They make a great option for newborn twins sleeping arrangements.

It might be easier to get a bassinet designed for twins rather than purchasing two separate bassinets. A twin bassinet is one unit with separate sleeping compartments for two babies.

Consider the space you have and which setup would be easiest for your situation. Some options available for twin bassinets include:

2 – Separate Bassinets

A bassinet is a small bed specifically designed for babies under the age of around 4 months. It’s typically a basket-like structure with a fixed or moveable frame.

You can get two separate bassinets for both of your twins. Since you will need to fit two bassinets, I recommend opting for bassinets that are good for small spaces. Either the Simmons bassinet or the Chicco Close To You bassinet are great options.

This arrangement is great if your newborns are fine with being separated. Just keep in mind you will have to transfer them to the crib after they are 4 months old.

3 – Playard with Twin Bassinets

Instead of a bassinet, you can consider a playard. One great thing about a playard is that it is multi-purpose. It can be used for newborn sleep, as a traveling crib, and playtime as your babies get older. Newborn twins can use a bassinet playard in multiple ways for sleeping:

  • Both twins can share one bassinet
  • Both twins can share the bottom of the playard
  • Each twin can sleep in their own bassinet

The following twin playards are available today:

I will add my own two cents on newborn twins sleeping arrangements when considering bassinets versus a twin playard. As a mom of twins, my personal recommendation would be a twin bassinet.

This saves you the most space and allows your babies to sleep next to you as newborns. You will eventually need to purchase two travel cribs, so that is something to consider.

But, if you do have space in your bedroom for a twin bassinet playard, this could be the better option because that eliminates one traveling crib you would have to purchase in the future. Just beware, the playards are LARGE. We did not have space in our modest sized bedroom for it.

4 – Two Bedside Co-Sleepers

A bedside co-sleeper is similar to a bassinet, but it acts as an extension to the parents bed. Parents can co-sleep with their child without putting him or her at suffocation risk.

Co-sleepers usually have a separation in between the parent’s bed and the baby’s sleeping space to make it safer. With twins, you can get two co-sleepers – one for each of them.

Put each co-sleeper on each side of the bed. This arrangement is safe and very easy to manage for parents during nighttime. But just as with having two bassinets, when your babies outgrow their co-sleepers you will have to transfer them to cribs.

5 – Shared Crib

Another good option for your twins is getting a crib that both the twins will share. Here are some benefits of sharing a crib for twins:

  • A crib can be used for a longer period of time
  • Twins will feel comfortable with each other’s presence
  • A standard-sized crib is large enough for newborn twins to sleep at a safe distance

In a shared crib, you can put your babies to sleep parallel to each other with some space in between them. The other option is putting them head-to-head.

It means both baby’s feet are towards the opposite crib corner and heads in the middle. As discussed above newborns can share a crib until they are able to move around or break out of their swaddles.

6 – Separate Cribs In The Same Room

The fourth option for the best newborn twins sleeping arrangements is to get two cribs – one for each baby. Although it seems more expensive, it might actually save you money in the long run.

For instance, if you are getting two bassinets you will have to switch to two cribs one day. Some options for placing two cribs in the same room include:

  • End to end placed in front of one wall
  • Parallel to each other
  • Placed as an “L” shape

Having two cribs in the same room has the benefit of not needing to transition your babies to a crib. But on the downside, it might be tough to fit two cribs in your bedroom.

7 – Combination Of Crib/Bassinet/Co-Sleeper

Just like every other kid out there, every pair of twins is different. Your twins might be comfortable with different things.

You will figure it out once your babies are there with you. If one of your twins prefers the crib and the other prefers a bassinet, you can go for this arrangement.

You can mix and match the newborn twins sleeping arrangements listed above. It is impossible to predict what will work best before your twins arrive, but once they do you will see what suits you and your kids best.

8 – Sleep Together For Naps & Separate Cribs At Night

Another great option for twins is that they can share their bed for daytime naps, while sleeping in their own separate crib at night. This is actually what we ended up doing in our household.

The twins shared a bassinet in the twin Pack ‘n Play and had separate bassinets next to our beds at night. Putting your babies in different places to sleep may help them follow the rhythm of their sleep cycle better. This arrangement is a great option for twin parents that want their newborns to sleep together, but are uneasy with them doing it when they are not monitored.

9 – Separate Rooms

Finally, one last option is to have your twins in their own separate rooms from the very first day. Some people choose this option to provide both babies their own space from the very beginning.

You might also decide to do this if you have a newborn that is easily woken while sleeping. Choosing this arrangement depends upon so many factors including:

  • If you have enough space in your house
  • The cost to buy furniture for two rooms
  • If the twins will be cared for by one person at the same time because this arrangement makes that harder

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Are There Benefits of Newborn Twins Sleeping Together?

Yes, there are many benefits of newborn twins sleeping together and we will review some of them below.


Newborn twins share a womb and live together from their very first day. The presence of each other is comforting and it also reminds them of the womb. When your babies are comfortable they are calmer, making it easier for parents to care for their babies.

Easier For Parents

When both babies sleep together it is easier for their parents to take care of them. Parents can put them to sleep and pay attention to them at the same time.

Creates a Healthy Bond

When your twins sleep together, they spend more time together. This can lead to the creation of a strong bond between them.

Helps Put Both Babies On The Same Schedule

Sleeping together makes your twins more likely to follow the same rhythm and routine. This is a good thing! When both babies sleep at the same time their parents will be able to get more sleep and have more time to finish their own tasks.

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What Are The Negatives of Newborn Twins Sharing a Crib?

Just like most things in life, putting newborn twins to sleep together also has its cons. So, what are the downsides of newborn twins sleeping together?

Risk Of Suffocation

If not taken care of properly, sleeping together carries a risk of SIDS. One twin might suffocate the other by moving over to him.

Taking the right care is crucial. As has previously been discussed, it is imperative that you have your twins sleep separately once they are able to rollover or break out of their swaddles.

Becoming Too Attached To Each Other

By spending all their time together, twins might get overly attached to each other. If this happens it can be very difficult to transition them to separate sleeping spaces later on.

One Twin Might Disturb The Other

One twin can disturb the sleep of the other twin. However, this is often not the case because twins are so used to each other and newborns typically sleep very soundly. But sometimes it can happen, and when it happens, it can be a lot of work for the caretaker.

As you can see there are many different choices for newborn twins sleeping arrangements.

At the end of the day you will likely use a little bit of trial and error to see if sleeping together or apart works best for your family. Newborn twins can sleep together.

It should be safe until they reach the age where they can hurt each other by their reflexive movements. The newborn twins sleeping arrangement you choose depends upon so many factors including the nature and habits of your newborns, the space in your house, and your budget.

You can either provide your newborn twins their own personal space from the very beginning or have them sleep together early on and transition them to their own space in the future. Whatever you decide to do, hang in there as a new parent, you got this!

Finally before I sign off, I do want to share that printable checklists and trackers are a great way to reduce the overwhelm that comes with newborn twins. I recommend checking out these Newborn Twin Babies Checklists, Schedules, and Trackers to help.

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