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If you are a mom of twins, you know that raising two babies is a tough job. With twins you have double the happiness, but at the same time you also have double the stress too, which begs the question of…

When does raising twins get easier?

As a mom of twins who are out of the baby and toddler stage, I am here to share my thoughts on when things got “easier”. So, let’s get started deciphering when this will be.

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Is Raising Twins Hard?

Yes, raising twins is definitely hard!

Even with one child moms are so tired, so with two to look after it can be extra challenging. There are some things that are harder with twins, but the good news is there are some things that are easier.

Feeding, changing, and putting twins to sleep can be more difficult. However, on the other hand twins have a playmate for life, making it so much easier to keep them entertained. Just like many things in our lives raising twins has both its own pros and cons.

Does Raising Twins Get Easier?

Raising twins might seem to get easier with time, but in reality it becomes different. Every age has its own unique challenges and difficulties.

I think most twin parents will agree that the newborn phase is extremely difficult due to lack of sleep. But after that, you will have some phases that are easier and some that are harder. Some parents might find feeding two babies at the same time to be a big challenge, while others will find the toddler years to be harder.

At What Age Do Twins Get Easier?

I think many parents of multiples will agree that sometime between starting preschool and starting kindergarten your life with twins will become a lot easier.

For parents that stay home, they start to get a break for a few hours each day. This is also the age when kids can start changing their clothes by themselves, mealtime is easier and quicker, and your kids are hopefully sleeping through the night (at least mostly).

What Makes Raising Twins Get Easier?

As your twin babies get older things will eventually start to become a lot easier. Here are some reasons why.

  • The time between feedings increases
  • Your twins will start to engage with each other – giving them some entertainment
  • They will start to sleep longer at night
  • Your twins will be potty trained
  • They will start preschool – giving you a break if you stay home
  • Eventually the kids will start to take care of themselves – they will take a bath on their own and change clothes by themselves

The Hardest Part of Raising Newborn Twins

In my opinion, the newborn stage is actually the hardest stage of raising twins. But, why?

Struggling With Lack Of Sleep

Even with one child, it’s kind of impossible to sleep for more than one or two hours at a time because newborns eat slowly and often. It almost goes without saying that with twins things are more challenging.

During the newborn stage, babies are not on a schedule yet. If one baby is sleeping, the other might be awake, making it difficult to get some rest.

Feeding Two Babies At The Same Time

Tandem breastfeeding can be quite hard. It requires a lot of energy to feed two kids. Whether you are feeding them together or one by one, it’s a lot of work. Even if you are bottle feeding, it can be a very hard job.

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When Do Newborn Twins Get Easier?

Newborn twins will get easier when:

With time, you will start understanding your twins and their routine. That is when it gets easier to plan out your day and life with your twins becomes a little bit simpler.

After birth, newborns can’t always latch properly. They take a lot of time to drink their meal and they don’t drink a lot of milk at a time.

Plus, they are so sleepy and they might fall asleep during their feeds. After a few weeks or months, you will notice that your babies eat at a faster pace without falling asleep.

The time between feedings will also increase. This is when you will start to get some relief and more breaks.

When Do Twin Babies Get Easier (3 to 12 Months)?

Twin babies at the age of 3-12 months will get easier if you work to put them on a schedule. It is best to have a set time for everything, especially bedtime.

Put them to sleep at the same time every night and have a bedtime routine. At first, your babies will likely get up after a few hours to eat.

But, if you stick to a routine, they will start to sleep longer and eventually drop night feedings. It will be hard in the beginning, so don’t get discouraged and make sure to stick with your schedule. A proper schedule will make your life and even your babies’ life so much easier.

When do twins get easier?

The Hardest Part of Raising Twin Toddlers

Toddlers are known for their tantrums. And when there are two, it’s “double the tantrums”. Tantrums can be quite hard to handle, especially when they become intense.

Two toddlers means dealing with a large quantity of tantrums and it is exhausting. The second thing that is really hard with twin toddlers? They are on the move!

Trying to go to the park or to a party is hard if you are alone. Twin toddlers will move in opposite directions and you cannot be in two places at once.

When Do Toddler Twins Get Easier?

When twin toddlers reach the age of understanding you and they can follow directions, life with toddler twins will get easier. This is the stage you can implement timeouts if they don’t listen.

Additionally, over time the tantrums will die down and you will see a change in your kids. Lastly, sometime in the toddler years your twins will start playing even more with each other. It will be such a special thing to observe as they establish their special twins bond.

When Do Twins Start Playing Together?

One of the very important milestones of twins’ growth is when they will start to engage with each other. Here the parents of twins win from the parents of a single child.

A single child needs much more attention for entertainment when compared to twins. So, when do twins start to play together?

Anywhere between the age of 1-2 years old twins will start to engage and play with each other. The exact age this happens will depend upon the nature of the kids. For example, if the twins are very social they will likely start to play with each other earlier on.

Things That Make Raising Twins Easier

Raising and taking care of twins can be really hard, but there are some products and tools that can help you. As a mom of twins, I can recommend some products that I used that helped me a lot to manage life in a better way.

Daily Logs & Schedules

One of simplest ways to make life as a new twin mom easier is to write down what’s happening! And it’s important to understand what a typical schedule looks like by age. You can easily get these things with this printable bundle of First Year With Twins Schedules & Logs.

Twin Z Pillow

A Twin Z Pillow can really help moms of twins. I think it is the best twin feeding pillow on the market because it’s so versatile.

Many times a twin mom might plan to breastfeed, but it doesn’t work out. The great news with the Twin Z pillow is you can use it for tandem breastfeeding or bottle feeding two babies at the same time. On top of that, this pillow can also be used as a tummy time aid.

Double Frame Stroller

Keeping things simple is highly recommended by many twin moms. You don’t need those heavy-duty strollers!

Make traveling easy and use a double frame stroller in which infant car seats can be inserted. This newborn twins stroller is your optimal choice after your babies are born. These strollers are lighter weight and less bulky then traditional strollers making travel and going out and about much simpler.

Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Tandem breastfeeding is already a lot of work. So, when it comes to pumping and storing the milk for later use it can be challenging to find time to do so.

You can use a hands-free pumping bra to make things more manageable. Get something done while you pump, or just use the time to relax. Plus, a hands free pumping bra will allow you to be more comfortable while you pump.

Baby Brezza

Twin parents who are formula feeding their babies can get a Baby Brezza to save loads of time and stay organized. Customize the amount of water, the temperature of the water, and the amount of formula milk powder. Then, let the “Brezza” do the job for you.

Sound Machine

Putting a baby to sleep is one of the most challenging jobs. Plus, keeping them in sleep mode is even tougher sometimes.

When there are two babies it’s double the effort. A sound machine or white noise machine can be really very useful for helping your babies go to sleep and stay asleep.

Sound machines create a very relaxing, womb-like environment for babies. They can also be used to calm a crying baby as they help in decreasing the anxiousness of infants.

Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are another very helpful sleeping aid for your twin babies. Darkness is very important for kids, especially infants, to sleep better.

Blackout curtains are helpful for newborns and toddlers to fall asleep sooner and stay asleep for longer. They can help prevent early morning wake-ups and short naps.

The hormone melatonin is produced in the body in darkness and helps the body to relax, this is another great reason to invest in nursery blackout shades or curtains. My personal opinion is that blackout shades and sound machines together make the life of twin parents much easier. They help put the babies to sleep AND keep them asleep for longer.

Baby Swaddles & Sleep Sacks

A baby swaddler is a large thin blanket in which you can wrap the baby. It limits mobility and gives a womb-like feeling to babies.

Swaddles are usually used in the first 0-4 months of a baby’s life. My personal favorites are muslin swaddles because they are stretchy and breathable.

Sleep sacks are wearable blankets for children that I recommend using after your baby grows out of swaddling. I love them because you can’t put blankets in a crib for safety reasons and you can use sleep sacks through the toddler years (you will have to buy bigger sizes as your child grows).

Toddler Toys For 2

If you have two kids the same age, but only one toy of that kind that can be troublesome. Toddlers are not pros in sharing. Check out my recommendations for the best toddler toys for twins, and see which ones you should get two of and which ones can be shared.

If you were wondering when raising twins gets easier, you hopefully have a better idea now.

Raising twins is very different from raising a single child. Just like many things in life, raising twins has its own pros and cons. Twins do get easier when they start being able to do some things for themselves and when they are able to start playing with each other.

For twin babies, raising twins gets easier when they have a longer time between feedings and are able to be on a schedule. Good luck, and even though it’s hard, do your best to savor these special moments with your twins!

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