The toddler years are an age when a baby can no longer be swaddled, but also cannot have a blanket in the crib. You need something to keep your toddler warm and cozy, while also not overheating.

That is where toddler sleep sacks come in! A normal blanket can be a hazard if your toddler still sleeps in a crib. His or her face could get covered causing suffocation.

As a mom of 3, I absolutely loved using sleep sacks for my toddlers. That is why I decided to assemble this list of the best toddler sleep sacks and extra large sleep sacks. I want to help other toddler parents determine which sleep sacks work the best, which ones have the best quality, and actually work.

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What Are Toddler Sleep Sacks?

A sleep sack is a kind of wearable blanket that replaces swaddles and normal blankets. It can be made of pure cotton, wool, fleece, or a blend of these fabrics. The real purpose of a sleep sack is to keep your toddler warm under covers, while still allowing him to move his arms and legs freely.

Other Names For Toddler Sleep Sacks

Toddler sleep sacks are also called:

  • Wearable blankets – in other words your toddler wears it, but it still acts as a blanket
  • Sleeping bags – bag-like structures in which your toddler sleeps

Are Sleep Sacks Safe for Toddlers?

Sleep sacks for kids are actually made to ensure safety. Your toddler will wear it almost like a dress. He will be able to move, but he won’t get out of it or cover his face with it.

These qualities mean it actually reduces the risk of SIDS, when compared to a traditional blanket for a bed. Be sure to choose the right size and material so that your baby’s body temperature is regulated properly and it is indeed safe.

Why Should I Use a Toddler Wearable Blanket?

I found toddler sleep sacks give you peace of mind, but I also found them to have a lot of benefits even besides safety. Here we review both the safety benefits and other advantages.

  • Being covered helps your toddler’s body temperature regulate. Your toddler can stay warm while sleeping without the risk of overheating.
  • No need to get up several times at night to adjust a blanket.
  • Your toddler will be able to move around freely without the risk of suffocation.
  • It gives a secure feeling to toddlers.
  • Your toddler is less likely to try to climb out of the crib because his feet are not accessible.
  • Using a toddler sleep sack is a great inclusion for your bedtime routine.
  • Helps your toddler sleep better on vacation or when you are away from home.

The Best Sleep Sacks for Toddlers

Now that you know why toddler sleeping bags are so wonderful, here is my list of the best toddler sleep sacks that I love and work really well.

HALO Sleepsack Wearable Blanket

HALO Sleepsacks or wearable blankets are made of pure cotton. This particular design has 4 different sizes available that fit from newborn to ~3 years old. Other great things about this product include that:

  • They are available in a variety of super cute designs
  • The inverted zipper makes it easy to change diapers
  • They are perfect for the summer season
  • The fabric is machine washable
  • The sleeveless design prevents your baby from overheating

When my kids were small, I considered these the best toddler sleep sacks. I loved that they were lightweight, great quality, and reasonably priced.

Burt’s Bees Wearable Blanket

Burt’s Bees wearable blankets are made of 100% pure cotton that is GOTS certified. These sleep sacks have a lot of great qualities and safety features.

  • They are available in 3 different sizes: small, medium, and large
  • There are 10 different cute designs and colors, even including some dark colors too
  • Choose between 2 different fabric weights: light or heavy
  • An inverted zipper makes it easier to change diapers
  • These sleep sacks are extra-long allowing for your toddler’s free movement
  • There is a zipper guard that prevents your baby’s skin from getting caught while zipping
  • A snap cover stops your toddler’s hands from reaching the zipper
  • Sleeveless design helps to prevent overheating

molis & co Muslin Sleeping Bag

Molis & co muslin sleeping bags are made of super soft muslin fabric, which is 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton. Other features that make me love this brand are:

  • 12 beautiful designs, including my favorite kiwi yellow
  • 5 different sizes available from 6 months to 4 years old
  • You can refer to the sleeping bag size chart to pick the sleep sack that fits your child best
  • The 2-way zipper makes it easy to change diapers
  • The zipper cover protects your baby’s skin and chin
  • The use of bamboo makes it more breathable and longer lasting


The TEALBEE DREAMSUIT wearable blanket is an excellent choice for toddlers as this is not a sack-like structure. It has an opening at the feet that allows for easy walking. TEALBEE sleep sacks are made of 70% Bamboo and 30% cotton and they have polyester padding making them more soft and comfortable.

Bamboo is a natural thermoregulator. So this sleep sack will keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer. Plus, you have multiple TOG options to choose from.

This sleep sack is available in 2 different sizes, 12M-2T and 2T-3T, and you can choose from 6 different cute designs. Like other good sleep sacks, this one has a zipper covering for safety.

TILLYOU Micro-Fleece Sleep Sack

TILLYOU sleep sacks are a great choice for both summer and winter as it’s made of 100% microfleece. Microfleece is a synthetic fiber with high insulation.

It’s lightweight, soft, and hypoallergenic for a baby’s soft skin. TILLYOU sleep sacks are available in 4 different sizes that go up to 2 years of age.

The extra large space inside these sleep sacks make them comfortable for your baby. Its plain texture with an embroidered animal are adorable.

The 2-way zipper and the zipper protector make it safe and easy to wear (and easy to change diapers). The best thing is that this is a very affordable option and the company offers a money-back guarantee.

Hudson Baby Quilted Sleeping Bag with Sleeves

Hudson Baby sleep sacks are made of 100% pure cotton with polyester filling. Cotton is usually not good for winters, but the polyester padding makes it warmer and suitable.

Additionally, its full sleeve designs are unique and helpful for winters. These wearable blankets are available in 4 different sizes and are suitable for kids up to 2 years old.

Hudson sleeping bags offer a huge variety of designs and colors. There are 38 different designs to choose from and all of them are absolutely lovely. Designs include check styles, flowers, animals, and other beautiful textures with attractive colors.

The Best Extra Large Sleep Sacks for Toddlers (2 to 3 Years Old)

Many brands of sleep sacks are only available for babies and toddlers up to 2 years old. But older toddlers might need to wear a sleep sack too.

My kids wore sleep sacks until they were 3. So if your child is 2 to 3 years old, here are the best extra large sleep sacks for toddlers in this age range.

HALO Big Kids Sleepsack

HALO Big Kids Sleepsacks are suitable for kids of up to 50 pounds. They are made of 100% polyester, making them great for winter.

You can choose from 3 different colors blue, cream, and pink. The foot openings make them easier for big kids to walk and the internal space is very generous. Plus, there are ankle cuffs that roll up and down There are adjustable straps that allow the sack to grow with your child, and each sleep sack has an elastic waist helping them to fit well and be comfortable.

molis & co Sleeping Bag with Feet

Molis & co sleeping bags are made of 100% cotton, so these are great for summer. The size is ideal for kids up to 3 years of age, but they do have sizes even up to 4 years old. You can choose from 12 different designs.

These toddler sleep sacks have foot openings to make it more suitable for big kids so they can walk around. The widening hip style makes it easier for your child to play comfortably too.

HOMEAL Sleep Sack with Legs

HOMEAL sleep sacks offer a variety of sizes to choose from – 6 months to 5 years old. Specifically for big toddlers they have 2T-3T and 3T-5T sizes. They are made of 100% cotton.

The larger sleep sacks for older toddlers are 0.5 TOG, making them comfortable for summer. They are sleeveless and you can choose from 4 different designs including solid colors and patterns. They have a double zipper and a zipper protector to keep your toddler’s skin safe.

Best toddler sleep sacks.

What Does TOG For Toddler Sleep Sacks Mean?

We have been talking about a sleep sack’s TOG but what is that? TOG stands for “thermal overall grade”. This term is a standard used in the textile industry to indicate the warmth of a garment. In other words it measures how warm a garment can keep a person wearing it.

TOG is rated anywhere from 0.25 to 13.5, with 0.25 being the coldest and 13.5 the warmest. For baby garments, the TOG rating will be a maximum of 3.5. To give you an idea of how the scale works, a 13.5 TOG is the equivalent of a winter weight duvet.

It’s very important to consider the TOG rating when you are buying sleeping bags for your baby. To go along with that you should consider the weather and room temperature as well.

When Can I Start Using a Sleeping Sack?

When your baby starts to roll over or is able to open his swaddle with kicking or hand movements, is a common time when parents switch from swaddles to sleep sacks. This typically happens around 3-4 months of age. However, you can choose to use sleep sacks with swaddles attached from the time your baby is a newborn.

So, really you can start using a sleep sack with your baby from day 1. But, that is not necessarily what you need to do.

Personally in my house, we started with swaddling blankets, switched to a baby Merlin sleep suit, then around 7 months old moved our kids into sleep sacks. They stayed in their sleep sacks until we moved them from a crib to a bed around age 3.

When Should I Take My Toddler Out Of a Sleep Sack?

Sleep sacks are designed to keep your baby or toddler safe, comfortable, and covered while sleeping. When you see that your child doesn’t need these features anymore you can take him out of the sleep sack.

There is no rule of thumb, but typically when your toddler is no longer in a crib and sleeps in a regular-sized bed, you can switch from a sleep sack to a blanket.

If your toddler is not comfortable in a sleep sack, maybe he feels confined and restless, you can stop using them earlier or change the style of the sack. For example, from bag-shaped to the sack with foot openings.

Pick from the best toddler sleep sacks above to make your child’s sleeping arrangements even more comfortable!

Sleeping bags, also called wearable blankets, are a great choice to keep your baby or toddler’s bedtime safe and comfortable. They reduce the risk of SIDS and keep your child warm and cozy.

There are different types of sleep sacks available, from bag-shaped to sacks with foot openings. Some are sleeveless and some are not.

Sleep sacks for toddlers are mostly made of cotton, wool, or fleece. You can choose from a variety of TOG ratings, with higher TOG meaning it will be warmer for your child.

You can be sure to select the best toddler sleep sack for your family by taking your child’s needs and situation into account.

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