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The Best Twin Pregnancy Blogs You Must Check Out

So, you are pregnant with twins, congratulations! Now that you know you will be having two babies, and not just one, I’m sure you have a lot of questions. In this post, I am sharing my favorite twin pregnancy blogs.

The purpose of this post is to guide expecting twin moms and dads to the wealth of free information out there on twin pregnancy.

Pregnant With Twins Blogs

Twin Winning

The Twin Winning blog is very much focused on everything you will need throughout your twin pregnancy.

My favorite part is that there is a post for every week of Danielle’s twin pregnancy experience. Danielle is the creator of Twin Winning. These week by week posts are a fun way to track your twin pregnancy along with what Danielle’s was like.

Other twin pregnancy resources on Twin Winning include a twin pregnancy checklist, a twin hospital bag checklist, and twin baby gear recommendations.

About Twins

The pregnancy section of About Twins is another site where you will find posts on what to expect in each week of twin pregnancy.

In addition, you fill find an abundance of articles related to twin pregnancy health, among other topics.

Twin Mom Blogs With Helpful Twin Pregnancy Posts

2 Plus Twins

If you have had problems with back pain during your twin pregnancy 2 Plus Twins this is the blog you need to check out.

Valerie, the creator of 2 Plus Twins, is a twin mom and physical therapist. She has used her knowledge to put together some really informative blog posts on dealing with back pain during twin pregnancy.

You will also find posts on twin pregnancy must haves for each trimester and tips for hospital bed rest.


In my opinion, Twiniversity is the go to site for any and all things related to parenting twins. Because of this, I highly recommend checking out the twin pregnancy section of Twiniversity.

You will find all sorts of different topics from labor and delivery to twin baby showers to twin pregnancy health and concerns.

Essentially there is a huge breadth of content on Twiniversity. I’m positive you will find at least one thing (but probably more) that is useful.

Must read twin pregnancy blogs with the best free resources for expecting twin parents.

Twins & More

Twin pregnancy care plans, meal prepping during pregnancy, and naming your twins are just some of the topics covered by Twins & More in the twin pregnancy category.

There are quite a few unique posts that you might not find elsewhere, so definitely take the time to check it out.

Twin Pickle

Twin Pickle’s twin pregnancy section really covers a range of topics you will find yourself wondering about throughout your pregnancy.

Check out this blog for breastfeeding twins preparation tips and twin sleeping devices recommendations. Plus, find out how to answer questions you receive on your twin pregnancy.

Twins Blog For Expecting Twin Dads

Dad’s Guide To Twins

The pregnancy section of the Dad’s Guide To Twins website, provides, as you might have guessed, a Dad’s perspective on twin pregnancy.

Since most blogs out there are written my moms this a refreshing look at what to expect when having twins for expecting twin dads.

On the site you will find a week by week twin pregnancy guide, financial preparation for twins, twin delivery expectations, and more.

Best Twin Pregnancy Apps

Even though this blog doesn’t have a huge section dedicated to just twin pregnancy. Little Angels does have this really informative post on the top 7 twin pregnancy apps.

I wanted to make sure to mention this, since it’s a unique type of post and could really be of help to moms and dads that are expecting twins.

Have Twins First Posts

Besides all the beautifully written twin pregnancy blogs listed above. This blog, Have Twins First, also has some tips to share on twin pregnancy.

Whether you want to know what to expect from your twin pregnancy experience, your twin pregnancy delivery, when you should stop working when pregnant with twins, if bleeding in first trimester pregnancy is okay, or the differences between twin vs singleton pregnancy. We’ve got you covered.

And, last but not least, check out our ultimate twin registry checklist too.

I hope this post has provided you with all sorts of helpful and free guidance from the best twin pregnancy blogs out there. Best of luck on your journey towards the birth of your twins.

The best twin pregnancy blogs you must read now.

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