Hey there working mama, I’m guessing you just found out you’re having twins! And now, you are wondering what it will be like to work during your twin pregnancy.

In this post, I will be reviewing when to tell work you are pregnant with twins. Additionally, find out when you should stop working when pregnant with twins and start your maternity leave. Lastly, I will go over some expectations for maternity leave with twins.

Of course, every single working twin mom’s experience will be a little bit different. But, my goal is to provide you with useful information that will help you prepare for pregnancy with twins while working full time.

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When To Tell Work You Are Pregnant With Twins

The first step while working during your pregnancy will be to tell your work that you are pregnant. Plus, you will be letting them know that not only are you pregnant, but you are pregnant with twins.

Some things you will want to consider before telling either your boss or HR that you are pregnant:

  • Do you expect a positive or negative reaction?
  • How far into your pregnancy are you comfortable sharing your news?
  • How have you been feeling?
  • What is the maternity leave policy?
  • Does your work offer short term disability?
  • How much physical labor does your job require?
  • Are you exposed to anything that could be dangerous to you or your baby at work?

The answers to these questions can help determine an appropriate time to tell your work about your pregnancy. If you think you will generally have a positive reaction to your pregnancy, then it is nice to give your work as much notice as possible.

Personally, I waited until the end of the first trimester to tell my boss, which was around 12 weeks. I wanted to wait until I was far enough along that the risk for miscarriage had decreased.

Additionally, I work as an engineer in a chemical processing plant. I am around large equipment and dangerous chemicals. So, I felt it was important to tell my company sooner rather than later about my twin pregnancy.

I recommend answering the questions above as a guide for determining when to tell work you are pregnant with twins. As an example, if you think there will be a negative reaction and you work a desk job, then you might opt to wait until you are further along to tell your work.

In the end, trust your gut with the correct timing.

Pregnant With Twins And Working Full Time: What It’s Like

What is it like to be pregnant with twins and work full time? In the beginning, there are not all that many differences between a twin and singleton pregnancy.

As your pregnancy gets further along, it will be harder to move around with twins than with a singleton. One thing that will impact working while pregnant with twins, is the number of doctor appointments you need to go to.

There are monthly doctors appointments and you will get many more ultrasounds with twins. This means you could end up using valuable sick time during your twin pregnancy to attend additional doctor’s appointments.

Be sure to take this into account when planning for time off after your twins are born.

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When To Stop Working When Pregnant With Twins (When To Start Maternity Leave)

I was very surprised to find out that if I did not need to be on bed rest, then my doctor did not see a need for me to stop working until the twins were born. If I had chosen, I could have started using my short term disability prior to my twins’ birth.

However, I would have lost that time home with them after they were born. Since I was able to move around (slowly, but surely), and was not on bed rest, I worked right up until I went into labor.

And, can you believe it? My water broke while I was sleeping at 1am Saturday morning.

I worked a full work week and found myself in the hospital the whole weekend getting absolutely no sleep for three days. It was incredibly exhausting.

I was 35 weeks into my pregnancy when this happened. Since you don’t know when you might go into labor, unfortunately, you can’t always plan to take a day or two off before the birth of your twins.

Now, if you have a scheduled C-section or induction date, and make it to your date, I absolutely recommend taking at least one day off prior. Additionally, if you are put on bed rest during twin pregnancy, then you might stop working when pregnant with twins earlier than you expected.

When Should You Stop Traveling For Work When Pregnant With Twins?

Traveling while pregnant with twins, especially for work, is a unique experience that requires various considerations. It’s important to prioritize your health and the health of your babies during this time.

Here are some guidelines on when to consider stopping or limiting travel during a twin pregnancy:

  1. Consult with your healthcare provider: Always consult with your obstetrician or midwife before making any travel plans during pregnancy. They can provide personalized advice based on your specific health, the progression of your pregnancy, and any potential complications.
  2. Consider the trimester: Traveling during the first trimester might be less physically demanding, but you may experience morning sickness and fatigue. The second trimester is often considered the most comfortable time for travel as morning sickness tends to decrease, and you’re not yet dealing with the added weight and discomfort of late pregnancy. However, as you approach the third trimester, you might want to limit travel due to increased physical strain and the risk of preterm labor.
  3. Distance and duration of travel: Short trips within your local area may be more manageable than long-distance travel. Consider the duration of the trip and how comfortable you’ll be during the journey.
  4. Mode of transportation: The mode of transportation can greatly impact your comfort and safety. Flying during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, may require a doctor’s note and could be restricted by airlines. Long car rides can also be challenging as you get further along in your pregnancy.

In the end you will need to consider the above factors to determine when you should stop traveling for work. Plus, it’s a good idea discuss travel expectations with your company or boss. This will keep you both on the same page.

Preparing For Maternity Leave With Twins

After my twins arrived, it was a whirlwind experience. I want to review the work related items that came up, while I was on maternity leave as a first time mom.

The first thing that will happen is your babies will need to be added to your insurance plan. This means there will be a bunch of paperwork to fill out.

And, as soon as you get their social security numbers, they will be needed to finalize the addition of your babies to your benefits plan. Once your babies arrive, you will want to speak with HR, to determine your return to work date.

Additionally, if you are getting paid, you will want to make sure any required paperwork is filled out in a timely manner. I wanted to mention all these items because as a first time mom, I just was not knowledgeable about all the paperwork that would be involved in the aftermath of my twin pregnancy delivery.

Another item you can take care of either before giving birth or once on maternity leave is childcare (if you are returning to work). Personally, we opted to hire a twins nanny and we went through this whole process after they were born – while I was home on maternity leave.

It is such a crazy, busy time with newborn twins to take care of. It’s easy to let this stuff fall through the cracks. At the very least you now have forewarning of what to expect.

Everything you need to know about working during twin pregnancy.

Understanding when to stop working when pregnant with twins is not straightforward.

That covers everything I have to share about working during twin pregnancy and when to stop working when pregnant with twins. I hope this post helped give you some insight on how to prepare for working during twin pregnancy.

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