At 32 weeks of pregnancy you are almost halfway through your third trimester. That means you are very close to meeting your babies.

This is the best time to finish the last to-dos on your twin pregnancy checklists because most twins are born between 32 and 38 weeks. In this article, I will discuss all things related to being 32 weeks pregnant with twins. This includes the most common pregnancy symptoms at 32 weeks, the appropriate development of your babies and your body, and items you should work on completing now.

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Most Common Symptoms at 32 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Here is a list of the most common symptoms of twin pregnancy at 32 weeks.

Back Pain

With your body’s growing size, especially your belly, your back will hurt more.


With all the weight your body gains, you will feel more breathless. Moreover, your babies are growing inside you, so your uterus is taking up more space.

The uterus will put more pressure on your other organs, including your lungs. Feeling breathless could especially be a problem when you lie down.

Itching & Swelling

Your growing belly will stretch the skin, which can lead you to suffer from itching. Apply a body lotion or oil to reduce itching.

Your body will hold much more water than usual during the last trimester. So swelling can be very uncomfortable.

Swelling in the ankles is the most prominent and problematic. This is a big issue I personally had to deal with and it was quite uncomfortable. Try to keep your feet elevated as much as possible to reduce ankle swelling.

Nipple Changes & Vaginal Discharge

Because of the hormonal changes, your nipples will become darker, and they may leak as well. Additionally, your body is getting ready for birth, so you may notice more vaginal discharge.


You might get severe heartburn because of the pressure of the uterus on the stomach. Avoiding spicy foods can reduce this symptom.

Braxton Hicks

Braxton Hicks contractions (fake labor contractions) will become more frequent. Labor contractions have a pattern, they will come and go at regular intervals. On the other hand, Braxton Hicks contractions are irregular and they will go away after some time.


Difficulty falling asleep is one of the most problematic symptoms of pregnancy’s third trimester. For more help with this, read my twin pregnancy sleep tips.

Should There Be Pelvic Pain at 32 Weeks Pregnant With Twins?

Pelvic pain is common in the third trimester of pregnancy, especially in twin pregnancies. Your pelvic muscle may become stiffer. You can feel this pain either in your pelvis’ front, back, or both sides.

What About Bleeding or Spotting at 32 Weeks Pregnant With Twins?

Bleeding or spotting is not very common in the third trimester, but it can happen. However, you should contact your midwife or doctor in case of bleeding or spotting.

A little blood with mucus can signify the start of labor. It is called a “mucus plug.” The loss of the mucus plug indicates that labor is coming soon, but the timeline varies widely.

What Should My Weight & Belly Size Be at 32 Weeks Pregnant With Twins?

In the last trimester, you should gain 1-1.5 pounds weekly. The total weight gain depends upon your weight before you become pregnant. No set number indicates a healthy pregnancy weight because everyone’s body is different.

If you had a normal weight before pregnancy, you should gain around 40-48 pounds by 32 weeks. For those who were underweight, you should aim to gain 48-54 lbs. If you were overweight or obese, you should aim to gain around 22-34 pounds.

However, these numbers are just an estimate. You should talk to your doctor about your weight gain requirements.

These weight gain requirements might seem like a lot, but don’t worry most pounds are temporary. This weight also includes the weight of the babies inside you, the amniotic fluid, and water weight.

Similar to weight, there is not one twin pregnancy belly size to aim for. Every woman’s body is different and pregnancy belly size differs a lot from person to person. You will have your belly measured at each doctor’s appointment to ensure your pregnancy is progressing appropriately.

What Size Are Twin Babies at 32 Weeks Pregnant?

At 32 weeks of twin pregnancy, your babies weigh around 4 pounds each. Their weight could be different too.

Your babies should be around 16 inches long at this stage. Your babies already look like newborns, but they still have a lot of baby fat to grow.

What Should I Expect For Fetal Movement?

Your twins are almost like newborns now, and the space inside your womb is limited. You will feel fewer movements because your babies don’t have as much space.

If you do not feel any movement or you are concerned because of less movement, it’s best to call your doctor. You might also notice a pattern of movement because your little ones have a sleeping pattern now. This pattern might also be a good prediction of your babies’ sleep routines after they are born.

What Are the Signs Of Labor at 32 Weeks of Twin Pregnancy?

Going into labor at 32 weeks of pregnancy is called preterm labor. Preterm labor happens after 20 weeks of pregnancy but before 37 weeks. Here are the most common signs of preterm labor at 32 weeks pregnant with twins.

  • Constant dull backache
  • Contractions that come on a regular interval. There will be a specific pattern. The gaps between the contractions will slowly reduce. For example, the contraction comes for 1 minute, goes away for 5 minutes, and then returns for 1 minute. The cycle will repeat, but the gap between the contractions will gradually decrease.
  • Loss of mucus plug
  • Water leakage
  • Pelvic pressure

If you feel any of these signs, call your doctor immediately.

What Is The Survival Rate For Twins Born at 32 Weeks?

Most newborn twins born at 32 weeks survive. They will spend some days (or maybe weeks) in the NICU, but they have a very good chance to survive and live a healthy life. Survival rate at 32 weeks of pregnancy is around 95%.

32 weeks pregnant with twins.

Things To Check Off Your List at 32 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Here is a list of things to complete by the time you are 32 weeks pregnant. If it’s overwhelming, just take one thing at a time and complete each one as quickly as you can.

1 – Pack Hospital Bag

If you have not finished packing the hospital bag, do it now. You may need to go to hospital at anytime, so ensure that everything is ready and you just have to grab the bag and get into the car. You can get a FREE twins hospital bag checklist by filling in the form below.


2 – Check Baby Registry

Double check that you have all your twin baby must haves. Ensure that there is nothing missing that you are going to need for two newborns. Click here for a FREE twin baby registry checklist and guide.

3 – Finalize Baby Names

You still have some time to finalize baby names, but it doesn’t hurt to check something off your to-do list. Use this list to keep track of the names you like.

4 – Confirm Health Insurance

If your health insurance is paying the hospital expenses, it is best to make sure you have your insurance information easily accessible. You can contact your insurance company (if you choose) to ensure you know which expenses will be covered.

5 – Setup Nursery

If you haven’t set up the nursery yet, I recommend doing it before your babies are born. Your twins might be sleeping in your room for first few months, but it is best to have it set-up before they arrive because you may not find time to do it afterwards. You can read this article for help selecting quality nursery furniture on a budget.

6 – Finalize Birth Plan

Many twin pregnancies end with a C-section, but this is not always necessary. You can read my twin pregnancy birth story to learn about my experience delivering my twin girls vaginally.

Whatever your preferred delivery method is, you should finalize your birth plan. Grab this twin birth plan for help understanding what decisions you need to make.

If you haven’t signed up for or taken a birthing class yet, I highly recommend you do. I love these classes for those expecting twins. You can select a class based on the type of birth you are having (C-section, natural, or epidural) and there’s a whole section dedicated to the birth of multiples!

7 – Keep Someone Around (If Possible)

It is best to be with someone who can drive a car or at least call the hospital when in need. Going into labor suddenly can be a really stressful situation. This is a good time to start avoid being alone when possible.

8 – Meditation

In the last few weeks of pregnancy, you might feel anxiety and stress because you know that the birth of your babies is very near. You can practice meditation regularly to reduce your nerves.

At 32 weeks pregnant with twins, you are so close to meeting your babies!

You will likely feel pretty uncomfortable at 32 weeks of twin pregnancy. Before it gets even worse, try to finish your twin pregnancy to-do list.

Your babies look very close to newborns at this time, but still have to develop a lot of baby fat. If you happen to deliver your twins at 32 weeks, there are very high chances that they will survive.

Your babies might stay in NICU for some time but they have a good chance of living a healthy life in the long term. Good luck as you get closer and closer to your twins’ arrival!

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