So, you are expecting twins, congratulations! This news comes with so many questions. As a twin mom who has been there, in this post I will cover all things on preparing for twins.

Whether you are looking for a preparing for twins checklist or you are trying to figure out how to budget for twins, then you have come to the right place. Read on for everything you need to know about getting ready for the arrival of your twins.

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Preparing For Twins In the First Trimester

Let’s start at the beginning, the first trimester of twin pregnancy. What should you be doing to prepare for twins during this time?

Honestly, in the first trimester you are probably just starting to wrap your head around the idea that you will be taking care of two newborns at the same time.

And, if you are reading this as the expecting mom of twins, you are just trying to survive being exhausted and nauseous. But, don’t worry most pregnant twin mamas feel better as they enter the second trimester.

My advice for your first trimester is to just get used to the idea that you are having twins. Survive the exhaustion and nausea. And, if you want, start thinking about twin maternity clothes and your twin registry list, but that’s not a necessity.

Once you get your energy back, in the second trimester, you can start doing the things we will discuss below to prepare for twins.

Start Working On Your Twin Baby Registry

For your ultimate list of twin must have baby items, you sign up for our FREE printable twin baby registry checklist. Not only will you get that, but you also get our twin pregnancy by trimester checklist as well!

Just fill in the form below. On top of that, you can also check out our twin registry must haves list on our Amazon storefront.


You might be surprised to find out most must have twin baby gear, is not necessarily built for twins. It’s more a matter of knowing what you need two of and what you only need one of.

Our twin baby gear list blog post goes over this in detail. But, I do want to share my favorite twin gear here. The absolute best thing you can invest in for twins is the Twin-Z pillow.

The Twin-Z pillow, just has so much versatility. You can use it whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding. You can also use it as a lounging spot or for tummy time practice. With so many uses it is 100% worth getting a Twin-Z pillow.

The only other twin specific item you will need is a double stroller. For this, I recommend a double frame stroller because it is so lightweight. It just much easier to get in and out of your car than the double convertible strollers.

Besides that, the rest of your twin baby gear will not be twin specific. It will just be determining how many of each item to get for two babies.

Preparing For Twins Books

Personally, I did not go crazy reading every twin book out there on the market. In fact, I’m pretty sure I relied mostly on What To Expect When You’re Expecting, which isn’t even a book for twin parents.

So, I would definitely recommend getting the What To Expect books, both for pregnancy and for the first year with your babies. They are helpful guides and will give you the basics on what you need to know.

It was also fun to fill out a pregnancy journal. But I will say I found there to be a lack of good planners and journals on the market for those pregnant with twins.

That’s why I created a 75-page printable twin pregnancy journal and planner specifically for expecting twin parents. This journal and planner includes a week by week twin pregnancy journal, over 20 pages of pre-filled checklists, trackers, and calendars. This is the ultimate way to stay organized during your pregnancy, plus keep everything related to your pregnancy all in one place.

And finally, we have a detailed blog post for the full lowdown on the best twin pregnancy books, so you can check that out too.

For a quick rundown on preparing for twins books, I would recommend getting either What To Do When You’re Having Twins or When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads. And for expecting the twin dads, I highly recommend the Dad’s Guide To Twins book.

To summarize on preparing for twins books, I would purchase the What To Expect series, a pregnancy journal, one expecting twins book, and if applicable an expecting twins book for dads.

Everything you need to know about preparing for twins.

Creating A Budget For Twins

What about being financially prepared now that you know there are two babies?

The reality is having twins is more expensive than having one baby. There are two mouths to feed, more baby gear is required, more clothing is required, and childcare for twins will be more expensive, just to name some of the items.

I wanted to include a section on budgeting for twins, since it is so important. But budget planning is not my area of expertise. I recommend checking out this post on budgeting for twins and also this post on twin gear on a budget.

Those posts will get you started on the things you need to think about as you set your budget for the arrival of your babies.

Preparing For Twins Checklist

As overwhelming as having twins may seem, a preparing for twins checklist can go a long way in helping you feel more prepared. Here is my recommended list of things to do before your babies are born.

  • Create your twin registry
  • Design and setup a nursery for twins
  • Assemble baby gear before your babies arrive (stroller, bassinets, etc)
  • Create a budget for the first year with twins
  • Take a birthing class and a twins class – yes, I recommend you take BOTH!
  • Decide how you will feed your twins – be prepared that this does not always go as planned
  • Decide on a childcare plan

As you go through this list, keep in mind that twins have a tendency to arrive earlier than singletons. For instance, my twins were born at 35 weeks, which is the average arrival for a twin pregnancy.

If you are able to, aim to complete this list by 32 weeks into your pregnancy. This is just my recommendation, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t.

I know for me personally, I did not do everything listed. These are just my tips for a twin mom who has been through it and how I would handle preparing for twins if I were to do it all over again.

Finally you can also grab our FREE printable twin pregnancy by trimester checklist (and you get access to the printable twin baby registry checklist too).


Most Asked Questions When Preparing For Twins

Click each link below to get the answer to the question.

How many diapers do we need for twins?

How much clothing is needed for twins?

How do I feed two babies at the same time?

How do I handle sleep with newborn twins?

Will I ever sleep once the babies arrive?

When should I stop working when pregnant with twins?

Is it possible to breastfeed twins?

Preparing For Twin Delivery

The last thing you will need to do is prepare yourself for the delivery of your twins. Luckily, I have already written a detailed post on twin pregnancy delivery, so definitely check that out.

Additionally, I highly recommend you take a labor and delivery class. You have two options, you could take it at your local hospital or take an online class from the comfort of your own home.

But what online class should you actually take if you are having twins? I highly recommend the online birthing classes from Mommy Labor Nurse.

There are two reasons I recommend these courses to expecting twin parents. First, each course is designed just for your type of birth. Whether you’re having a C-section or vaginal delivery with an epidural – that is the course you will sign up for.

Secondly, there is an entire section of each course specifically talking about the birth of multiples. So, the Mommy Labor Nurse classes are just perfect for twin parents to be.

Additionally, the classes are taught by a labor and delivery nurse who is also a mom. The reviews for these classes are through the roof too!

They include over 3 hours of birthing lesson videos and 2 hours of newborn care videos. Here is the list of what you can choose from, click the one that applies to your for more info.

Pregnant with twins? Here's how to prepare.

Preparing for twins is a job unto itself, but getting ready for your twins arrival will make caring for your newborns a little bit easier once they are here.

Okay, that wraps up all my thoughts on how to prepare for twins. Got more questions? Please share them in the comments.

And, lastly, be sure to check out this list of the best twin pregnancy blogs for even more FREE resources. Good luck as you prepare for the arrival of your beautiful twin babies.

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