So you’re having twins, congratulations! It can be quite overwhelming to prepare for the arrival of not one, but two babies. I know as a twin mom myself.

One thing that you need to figure out is what to pack in your hospital bag. Generally the items are the same when compared to packing for a singleton, but which things do you need two of?

To make it simple and easy for you, I have put together a twins hospital bag checklist. You can even get a free printable version of this list as well. Let’s get started reviewing everything you need to know about your hospital bag as a soon to be twin parent.

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When Should You Pack Your Hospital Bag With Twins?

Twins are more likely to be born earlier than singletons. With this is in mind, I recommend packing as much as you can in your hospital bag around 30 weeks of twin pregnancy. Hopefully, your babies will stay in the womb for quite a few more weeks, but if they don’t you will be ready to go.

Twins Hospital Bag Checklist (What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag)

Now that you know when to pack your hospital bag as a future twin mama, let’s look at what’s included on a twins hospital bag checklist. I have divided this list into four sections items for mom, the twins, your partner, and the other miscellaneous items.


  • Pajamas and/or robe
  • (2) pairs maternity leggings or yoga pants
  • Comfortable shirt for going home
  • Flat & comfortable shoes for going home
  • Bra with no underwire / nursing bra
  • Nursing pads (optional – will get at the hospital)
  • Slippers or flip flops
  • Socks (optional – will get at the hospital)
  • Heavy flow pads (optional – will get at the hospital)
  • Brush / comb
  • Hair ties
  • Toiletries – shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.
  • Cell phone
  • Wallet / money / credit card
  • Purse

Newborn Twin Babies


  • Change of clothes
  • Pajamas
  • Toiletries – shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.
  • Cell phone
  • Wallet / money / credit card

Miscellaneous Items

  • Snacks – granola bars, trail mix, chips, etc.
  • Phone charger
  • Entertainment – tablet, books, etc.
  • Driver’s license / photo ID
  • Insurance card
  • Pediatrician information
  • Camera (optional)
  • Twin birth plan – 3 copies (optional)
  • Glasses / contacts (if needed)
  • Keys

Free Printable Twins Hospital Bag Checklist

Now that you know what to pack, why not get these items in an easy to use printable checklist. There are even empty spaces so you can write in your own items too. Just click the button below to get your free checklist, plus two bonus twin pregnancy checklists as well!

Twin pregnancy checklists including baby registry, hospital bag, & trimester mockup image.

Is There Anything Else Needed To Pack If Having a C-Section With Twins?

If you have a C-section, you will be limited on standing up and down for a while. You will also have an incision that needs to heal. Things to add and keep in mind for your twins hospital bag checklist include the following:

Keep in mind you can easily write these items in your printable twins hospital bag checklist. There are quite a few blank spaces where you can add the extra items you want that are not already listed.

Now that you know what’s on a twins hospital bag checklist, it might be time to start packing!

Hopefully this quick and easy guide on what to pack in your hospital bag when you’re having twins was a big help. Just remember, you don’t want to go crazy packing too many items.

In my opinion, it’s best to keep your bag as lightweight and portable as possible. Good luck as you welcome your two little bundles of joy into the world. And before you go, you might find these things related to labor and delivery of twins helpful:

Free twins hospital bag checklist printable.

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