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Hey there soon to be twin mama and congratulations on your twin pregnancy! I’m guessing you are here because you want to know all about maternity clothes for twins. Well, you have come to the right place.

I am a twin mom and I am here to tell you all about how many maternity clothes you need, when to start shopping, and where to shop for maternity clothes. So, let’s get started.

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When To Start Buying Maternity Clothes During Twins Pregnancy

The first thing we need to discuss is when you will need to start buying maternity clothes for your twins pregnancy. During a twin pregnancy you will start showing a little bit sooner.

Moms pregnant with one baby start to need maternity clothes around 4 to 5 months. But moms pregnant with twins should plan to need maternity clothes sooner than this at around 3 to 4 months.

Additionally, you will need to consider whether this is your first pregnancy. If it is, then 3 to 4 months is a good guideline to follow.

However, if this is not your first pregnancy, then it’s safe to assume you will start showing earlier than your previous pregnancy. You will probably need maternity clothes closer to the 3 month mark or it’s possible even earlier.

Considerations When Buying Maternity Clothes for Twins

What are some things you need to think about before diving in to purchase those maternity clothes? Let’s review the important items to consider below.

Seasons You Will Be Pregnant

Now that you know when to expect to need twin maternity clothes, let’s talk about the time of year you will be pregnant with twins. As you start shopping for maternity clothes for your twins pregnancy, take into account the seasons you will be needing the clothes. There is a 4 to 5 month time frame that you will be wearing maternity clothes during pregnancy.

On top of this, you will likely continue to use your maternity clothes postpartum. This was a little known fact for me personally until my babies had arrived.

The amount of time maternity clothes are needed after giving birth can vary widely, but I would recommend planning to wear them for about 1 or 2 months. However, don’t be surprised if you are in them even longer.


Another thing to consider is the types of clothes you will need. For instance, if you are working, then you might need some professional maternity clothes you can wear to the office.

Or, maybe you have a job where you are on your feet all day and you can be more casual. If you are a stay at home mom, then you are likely going to opt for more comfy clothes. Whatever you need, the good news is that maternity clothes are so comfortable, even pants for the office!


When you pick out maternity clothes, you will opt for the size you typically wear. I do want to mention that since you are having twins, it might be a good idea to go one size up for one pair of pants and a couple of shirts.

I say this because, at the end, my twin pregnancy belly was not quite fitting into my typical size anymore. My twin pregnancy delivery ended up being at 35 weeks. If the pregnancy had gone on any longer, I’m not sure if my pants would have continued fitting.

So, you could either buy larger sizes up front. Or, you can wait and see if you need the bigger sizes as you get close to the birth of your twins.

Lastly, you won’t necessarily need to buy new shoes. But, you do want to make sure you have comfortable and flexible shoes. Your feet will get swollen. You need shoes that have some give to them.

Everything you need for twin maternity clothes.

List of Maternity Clothes Needed When Having Twins

Taking into consideration when you expect to start wearing maternity clothes, the seasons you will be pregnant, and the types of clothes you will be wearing every day, I have compiled the following twin maternity clothes list. This list of maternity clothes should help you come up with the perfect wardrobe for your twin pregnancy both before giving birth and postpartum.

  • (10 to 15) shirts
  • (3) pairs of pants / jeans
  • (2) pairs of capris / shorts
  • (2) pairs of leggings
  • (2) casual maternity dresses
  • (1) set of pajamas
  • (1 to 2) bathing suits – if pregnant in the summer

I know this list seems somewhat minimal. But, consider this list the bare minimum. You don’t want to waste money and buy more than you need. You can always buy more clothes if you feel you need them.

The intent of the quantities on the above maternity clothes list for twins is to get you through one laundry cycle. I also put down only one set of pajamas because they are good to have, especially if you travel. But you can just sleep in XL men’s T-shirts too. This is what I did, rather than spending more money.

Before we move on, you might be interested in these FREE Twin Pregnancy Checklists. You can get them now by clicking the button below!

Twin pregnancy checklists including baby registry, hospital bag, & trimester mockup image.

Where To Buy Maternity Clothes

Now that you know what you need for maternity clothes, where are the best places to buy all this stuff? These are the stores I would start with:

These are the places you will find the best deals and decent quality. Now what about where to get which clothes?

For leggings and maternity dresses I recommend starting with Amazon. If don’t find what you need see what the other stores mentioned have to offer. Amazon also has some super cute nightgowns and maternity pajama sets for comfort sleeping at night during twin pregnancy.

For maternity jeans, Target is your best bet. Definitely check for jeans there first. You can’t beat the price.

As you browse each store don’t forget to take a look at their maternity shirts and pick a few out. Before you know it, you will have purchased the 10 to 15 shirts that you need. Finally, for in person shopping you can check out Target, Kohls, and Walmart.

Fun Pregnant With Twins T-Shirts

Personally, I never purchased any pregnant with twins T-shirts. I guess it never even occurred to me. But, it seems like a fun thing to have. If you would like something like this, then check out these great options from Amazon.

That wraps up all the things you need to know about getting maternity clothes for twins.

I hope you found this post helpful and are excited to start putting your twin maternity clothes wardrobe together. Happy shopping twin mama!

Finally before I sign off, printable checklists and trackers are a great way to reduce the overwhelm that comes with newborn twins. I recommend checking out the items listed below:

Everything you need to know about buying twin maternity clothes.

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