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Whether you are shopping for birthday gifts for twins or another special occasion, finding that perfect present is paramount. As a twin mom I have tested out all sorts of different toys for toddlers.

That’s why in this post I am sharing my personal favorite toys for twin toddlers. Let’s get started with the list, so you can pick out the perfect gift for the twins in your life that they will absolutely love.

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Important Factors When Looking For Toys For Twins

Before we get to the list of the top toys for twin toddlers, let’s discuss some of the important characteristics that make a toy especially great for twins.

Toys That Can Be Played Together

Any toy that needs more than one person to play is a great gift for twins. First of all, your twins will not fight over who gets to play. And they might even entertain themselves for a while, to give their parents a break.

Toys That Come With Multiple Items

Some toys come in pairs or even more. These make great gifts for twins because they can each have something to play with.

Those are the two top requirements when shopping for toys for twin toddlers. Now, let’s get to the list of the best toys for toddler twins by age.

Toys For 1 Year-Old Twins

Let’s start by reviewing the best toys for 1 year-old twins. Here is my list of toys that my twins absolutely adored at this age.

1. Shape and Color Sorting Toys

This is the type of toy 1 year-olds love to do over and over again. They love repetition! Your twins will start learning their shapes and colors as they play.

On top of that, with shape sorting or color sorting toys there are many pieces, which means twins can play with them together. They can take turns with sorting or maybe even just play with it simultaneously. They can also work as a team to figure how to go about sorting correctly.

2. Bath Toy Set

Toddlers love their bath time! If you have twins, you are probably bathing them together at this age. A fun set of bath toys is a must for twins. For another option, I also love these mold-free bath toys from Soppycid too!

3. Water Table

It’s hot out, but you need to get the kids outside to burn off some energy. A water table is a perfect for twins because they can play with it together. Grab some bath toys and use them with the water table too.

4. Musical Instruments

I’m guessing the sound of a twin, 1 year-old band is the last thing you want to hear. But, being introduced to music at a young age has many benefits.

Music will help coordination, number and literacy development, and sensory development. And, that’s just to name a few of the reasons music is important. So, even though it might not be pleasant, having a music set that your twins can play together, is actually very beneficial, and not to mention lots of fun for them.

5. Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels

My twins absolutely loved these toys at this age. They play music and you can even set up tracks for the cars. In our house we only had the cars, and no tracks, and that was enough to entertain them.

The Best Toys For (2) Two Year-Olds

Next up, is my list of the best toys for twins that are two years-old. This is the point when there are quite a few more options for toys your kids will enjoy using.

1. Play Kitchen

Two year-old’s love pretend play, and this is an important part of their development as well. With a play kitchen your twins can team up and prepare a meal.

Or, maybe one of them cooks or bakes, while the other eats the food. Either way, if you have the space, a play kitchen is a toy that will be played with for many years to come.

2. Twin Baby Dolls

Baby dolls that are twins are a perfect toy for twins. They can play taking care of baby together, and they can relate, since they are twins themselves.

3. Doctor / Dentist Set

Another great option for pretend play for twins is a doctor and dentist toy set. One twin can be the doctor or dentist and the other can play the patient. It’s a perfect toy for two kids to play with.

4. Basketball Hoop

Why not introduce sports into your twin toddlers lives? This basketball hoop that can be used both indoors and outdoors is perfect. It’s something that can be played together and will help your twins learn some coordination skills.


Another fun toy for toddlers, that helps with fine motor skills on top of it, is MEGA BLOKS. Your twins can build something together or, if they prefer, build something on their own.

6. Sandbox

Are you looking for an entertaining outdoor toy that can be used by twin 2 year-olds? You can’t go wrong with a sandbox.

Just make sure you get one that is big enough for at least two kids. Bigger than that might be even better so friends can play in it too.

7. Bowling Set

A bowling set is another indoor sport toy you could get, that twins can play with simultaneously. What 2 year-old doesn’t love throwing and knocking things over?

8. Magna Doodles

Yes, you will need to get two of these. But, my kids absolutely could not get enough of a magna doodle at two years-old. The bonus is that your kids will play with this for many years to come too.

Top Toys For 3 Year-Old Twins

The last age group for toddlers is 3 years-old. Here are my top picks for 3 year-old toddler toys. This is the age where a lot of choking hazard toys are now able to be used.

1. Food Cutting Set

Kids of all ages absolutely love this toy. It’s great for pretend play and fine motor skills. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun to play with.

2. Board Games

3 years-old is a great time to introduce your kids to classic board games like Candyland or a matching game. Great board games for three year-olds that are newer include Shopping List and Zingo.

3. Barbie Dolls

With a couple Barbie dolls and some clothes, you could be in for hours of entertainment for your twins. You will want two dolls, one for each twin.

4. Dinosaurs

Some kids just love dinosaurs. If your twins are in this category, then get them some large plastic dinosaur toys to play with together.

5. Busy Books

Do your twins have a favorite cartoon or movie? Busy books that come with figurines will provide plenty of entertainment for your twins. Especially if you find a book from their favorite movie.

6. Dress Up Clothes

By 3 years-old, kids are mostly able to put on their own clothes. Plus, kids just love playing dress up. So, getting them some dress up clothes is a win-win situation.

7. Play-Doh Sets

Who doesn’t love smooshy things and making fun shapes with smooshy things? Play-doh is a classic toy that your twins can play with together for many years.

8. Magna-Tiles

Magna-Tiles are a fun toy for building with magnets. This toy will help your twins learn shapes, colors, and all about how to build things.

9. Wooden Railroad Track Set

Your twins can build the tracks together. Once it’s setup, they will have a little town with a railroad to play with.

And, if you purchase extra tracks, your twins can take their railroad track set apart and rebuild in a new orientation. Basically, this toy will provide hours of entertainment.

Best Gifts For Twins – Birthday, Christmas, Etc

Whether it’s birthday gifts for twins, Christmas gifts for twins, or another special occasion, this is the section you want to check out. Of course, any of the toys listed above make great birthday or Christmas presents as well. But here are a few more ideas to get that perfect gift for twins.

1. Outdoor Baby Swings

You would need to get two swings, so both toddlers can swing at the same time. But, this is a wonderful outdoor toy that would get lots of use.

2. Kids Fishing Poles

Do you know someone who loves the outdoors? If you are looking for a gift for twins and their parents happen to love fishing, then two fishing poles for 3 year-olds are a great choice. Fishing will provide quality outdoor time for both parents and kids, you can’t beat that.

3. Kiddie Pool

Staying with the outdoor theme, give the twin toddlers in your life some summertime fun. An inflatable pool is perfect for those sweltering hot summer days.

4. Tent

You can go with a standard kids tent that’s large enough for two kids. Or, another fun option, particularly beneficial for twins is the Kiddey Children’s dual play tent. With the dual play tent you get a tunnel with a ball pit tent on each side, perfect for twins.

5. Pretend Restaurant Or Grocery Store

Kids love reenacting things they do in daily life. A pretend restaurant or pretend grocery store set is a home-run gift for twins. One can be the waiter or cashier, and the other the customer.

6. Musical Mat

This piano mat is both a toy and a great learning machine. Plus, kids can use it together. Besides learning about music, it also teaches numbers and colors all while having lots of fun.

That wraps up this post on the best toys for twin toddlers.

The best toys for twins are toys that can be played together or that come with multiple parts. Hopefully you found some suggestions above that interest you. Good luck selecting the perfect toy for the twin toddlers in your life!

The ultimate guide to toys for twin toddlers.

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