When preparing a nursery for a newborn baby, parents try to keep everything perfect so their baby can feel as comfortable as possible. But, one thing that can often be missed is that newborn babies need to sleep 16-18 hours per day.

On top of that, after the newborn phase babies need to get 13-15 hours of sleep until they are 1 year old. This means a baby’s sleep time includes when the sun is shining at its peak. When the room is not dark enough, a baby’s sleep quality can suffer.

As a mom of 3 I always found it extremely beneficial to have blackout curtains (or shades) in the nursery. I had them from day 1 and my kids were all good nappers and sleepers, so I definitely think it helped. For this reason, I have compiled a list of my picks for the best blackout curtains for the nursery.

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What Are Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are much more than simple curtains because they are built especially for blocking light coming in from the windows. Their main purpose is to darken the room to achieve better sleep quality. Additionally, blackout curtains have the added benefits of reducing noise and improving temperature control.

These curtains are typically made of polyester, nylon, or a combination of both, and sometimes cotton is also mixed in. Multiple layers of black foam are coated on the fabric to give it a “blackout” effect.

How Dark Are Blackout Curtains?

A good pair of blackout curtains blocks 95-100% of light. If curtains block less than 95% light, they are called “light filtering”.

Quick tip: The size of the blackout curtains should be a little more than the size of the window, so there are no gaps left. If there is open space coming from where light enters the room, the real purpose behind installing these curtains will be dead.

Do You Really Need Blackout Curtains For the Nursery?

You can’t count blackout curtains as “nursery essentials”, but they can really help babies to sleep better. According to an infant sleep study, getting good, quality sleep as an infant has a huge (and positive) impact on cognitive and physical growth.

I recommend investing in blackout curtains for the nursery for this reason. Plus, if your baby is sleeping well, it will make life for you easier too! If you don’t want to purchase them yourself, you can always add them to your baby registry list.

The Best Short & Long Blackout Curtains For the Nursery

Now, on to the list of the best nursery blackout curtains. If you have made the decision to install blackout curtains in your baby’s room, the list below will help you find the best available on the market today.

1 – BGment Moon and Stars Blackout Curtains

Besides giving a pitch-black effect, the best thing about the BGment moon and starts blackout curtains is that they are extremely cute. The moons and stars on it reflect the light and it feels like these are stars shining in the sky. These curtains are available in a huge variety of sizes:

  • 42 x 45″
  • 42 x 54″
  • 42 x 63″
  • 42 x 84″
  • 52 x 63″
  • 52 x 84″

Additionally, they are available in one irresistibly adorable design and eight colors. They are also machine washable and can be ironed, making them very easy to care for.

2 – NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains

If you are looking for plain curtains then the NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains are the way to go. They are made out of polyester and polyester blends and there are wide variety of sizes and colors available. The qualities that make this pair perfect for your home are:

  • Thermally insulated
  • Blocks sound
  • Fade-resistant
  • Same color and material on both sides
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Machine washable

3 – PrinceDeco Blackout Kids Curtains

The next best pair of blackout curtains we recommend are the PrinceDeco Blackout Kids Curtains. These are made of microfiber instead of polyester or nylon. These curtains are available in 2 sizes: 52″W x 63″L and 52″W x 84″L.

There is one design and four color choices. There are limited options, but the design is super cute and pretty irresistible. This pair of blackout curtains is actually one of my personal favorites. Here are some things that make them a great choice:

  • Beautiful design – a cute pattern of stars that reflects the light to look like a real sky
  • Blocks 99% of sunlight and 100% of UV light
  • Thermally insulated
  • Blocks the wind
  • Reduces outside noises
  • Machine washable
  • Eco-friendly
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

4 – RHF Blackout Primitive Linen Curtains

RHF blackout curtains are made up of 100% polyester, but their texture looks like linen. This pair is available in four sizes and seven colors. The simple, yet modern look will make it a perfect fit for all kinds of nursery designs.

These curtains minimize heating and cooling problems, and soundproofing is another benefit. Just like other good blackout curtains, they are very easy to take care of. They are machine washable and have a modern design.

5 – DriftAway Pinch Pleated Voile Sheer with Blackout Curtain Liner

If you are looking for something that is simple and a perfect match for a baby girl’s room then look no further than the DriftAway Pinch Pleated Voile Sheer curtains. These are made of 100% polyester, available in two colors, white and soft pink, and only one design.

They are also only available in one size at 52″W x 84″L. These pinch pleated curtains look absolutely stunning, but there are a couple things to be aware of before purchasing them.

First, they are on the expensive side because they do not come as a pair, so make sure you buy two. Secondly, more care and attention is needed when washing them.

6 – PONY DANCE Nursery Blackout Curtains

The Pony Dance nursery blackout curtains have a solid pattern and are great, especially when it comes to choices. There are 11 sizes and 20 colors available. Isn’t that a huge variety?

They are made of polyester and polyester blends. The unique thing about this pair is you can style them in 3 ways: back loops, rod pocket, or clip-on rings.

There is one more unique feature that this one pair has. Instead of a typical style of additional lining, they are made up of triple-weaved fabric.

This means there is a front layer of fabric, a black yarn coating in the middle, and finally a back layer of fabric. This way they do a great job of blocking light, noise, wind, and heat.

7 – Amazon Basics Kids Room Darkening Curtains

Amazon Basics Kids Blackout Curtains are made up of 100% polyester to make them much more effective. They are available in 13 cute and different designs, and two sizes: 42 x 63″ and 42 x 84″.

So, you have many options to choose from. These curtains are machine washable and can be ironed, meaning they are easy to take care of.

8 – Pillowfort Blackout Tassel Curtain Panel

This tassel curtain panel by Pillowfort (Target’s brand) is made up of 80% recycled polyester and 20% cotton. The unique feature of this one is decorative tassel accents on the edges, including a fun rainbow design.

These tassels give this curtain a more unique and playful look. It has 2 styling features: the rod pocket and the back tab and it is available in three sizes and three colors. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to make sure you buy two because this curtain panel does not come as a pair.

Best Pink & Purple Blackout Curtains For a Girls Nursery

What about pink and purple blackout curtains for a girls nursery? Let’s discuss the best pink and purple blackout curtains on the market.

Pompom Blackout Curtains

These incredibly awesome Pompom blackout curtains are a great deal for a baby girl’s nursery. They have a solid pattern and a beautiful shade of pink.

The matching pink pompom trimmings and tassels on the borders give them a pretty and stylish look. It also makes the design unique.

The curtains are constructed out of triple weaved fabric to completely cut out the light. This means it has one pink fabric outer layer, then a black yarn coating in the middle, followed by a pink fabric front layer.

Pretty cool right? This pair is available in five sizes and some other great features include:

  • Thermally insulated
  • Reduces outside noise
  • Fade resistant
  • Easy to clean with gentle vacuuming and machine washing

Vangao Lilac Blackout Curtains

Here comes the purple! Vangao lilac blackout curtains are perfect for a baby girl’s nursery if you have chosen a purple theme.

This curtain is available in three different lengths: 63, 84, and 95″ and the solid pattern gives them an elegant look. They are also made of triple weave fabric, with a black yarn coating in the middle. Other cool things about this curtain pair are:

  • Same color on both sides
  • Blocks 70-99% of sunlight
  • Reduces noise
  • Thermally insulated
  • Dust resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Eco-friendly (formaldehyde-free)
  • No toxic smell

Best Blackout Curtain For a Boys Nursery

The blue shade of the H.VERSAILTEX blackout star curtains is absolutely perfect for a blue boy nursery. Plus, this curtain is also available in grey.

There are two sizes available for this curtain pair: 52″W X 63″L or 52″W X 84″L. These curtains are made of polyester and polyester blend and hypoallergenic material is used in them.

The best thing about this pair is their cute design, with the stars reflecting light to give a sky look. They are soft, thermally insulated, noise resistant, and provide privacy protection. Lastly, this elegant pair of curtains are machine washable and easy to care for.

Travel Blackout Nursery Curtains

Did you know you can even buy travel blackout nursery curtains? This was news to me, but boy would those have been useful if I had known about them before.

Don’t forget babies need up to 15 hours of sleep per day, and having blackout curtains with you while traveling will only help. The blackout curtains you choose for this purpose should be lightweight and easy to carry.

They should be easy to install, remove, and be highly adjustable. With all that said, we recommend these Amazon basics portable blackout curtains which are made of 100% polyester and comes in a size of 78 x 50″.

Just like other blackout curtains, they are also helpful in reducing noise and maintaining temperature. The curtains come in an easy-to-carry bag and the Velcro edges assist with easy customization.

The suction cups make the curtain very easy to install. You can buy these blackout curtains in plain black or in 4 other cute designs.

Quick tip: When installing the curtain with a suction cup, make sure the window is clean. If you find that the suction cup is not working well, you can slightly dampen it or apply a light coat of Vaseline or oil. It will create a good seal.

The best nursery blackout curtains.

Can I DIY or Make Nursery Blackout Curtains?

Yes, you can! But, you should consider if you think they will be equally effective or worth your time. Some things to consider before making nursery blackout curtains yourself include:

  • The quality of fabric you are going to use
  • If you are using a lining or middle coating of yarn
  • How effective you are with taking measurements
  • If you have good skills on a sewing machine

If you are considering DIY blackout curtains, you can follow this step-by-step tutorial.

Getting blackout curtains for a nursery or baby’s room is a smart move. They can help your baby sleep better at nap time and sleep later into the morning.

Blackout curtains block the sunlight and daylight coming through the window. A good pair of blackout curtains will be thermally insulated and noise resistant too. I definitely recommend investing in some for the nursery today or adding them to your baby registry in order to improve your baby’s quality and length of sleep!

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