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Nursery Must Haves For Twins And Singletons

Nursery Must Haves For Twins And Singletons

Nursery Must Haves

Here is our list of must have nursery items for twins and singletons.

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(1)* Crib

*will need (2) for twins

(1)* Crib Mattress – this is the one we have and it’s been great even though it’s cheap:

Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress

*will need (2) for twins

(1) Changing Table or Changing Pad – I recommend putting a changing pad on top of a short dresser instead of buying a changing table.

(2)* Waterproof Mattress Pads

*will need (4) for twins

(3)* Fitted Crib Sheets – I personally like the Babies R Us percale sheets:

Babies R Us Percale Crib Sheet

*will need (4) for twins

(1) Nightlight – this one is cheap and works well:

Safety 1st LED Nightlight

(1) Hamper – get one in neutral colors so it can be used in the future, this one has served us well:

Koala Baby Folding Hamper

UPDATE: I bought the Koala Baby hamper a second time, for our singleton, and it did not stay together well.  We had to glue it together and now it is working fine. I still like this hamper because it has the mesh bag insert that you can remove to bring to the laundry room, but I thought I should mention the quality seems to be have slipped in the last few years.

A note about setting up the nursery. Most people I know have newborns sleep in their room for the first few months. If this is the case, then you do not need to have the nursery furniture purchased and put together before the baby arrives. With that being said, I recommend setting up the nursery before the baby is born because you will be very busy after he or she arrives.

UPDATE: In addition to time constraints I have since realized it is beneficial to have the baby take some naps in her crib from the start. Click here to see my post on why this is helpful.


We have the following for our singleton – (1) short dresser with 6 drawers. With the dresser and a small closet we have plenty of space for clothes, diapers, etc. There is also a 4 shelf bookcase and a nightstand in his room.

We have the following for the twins – (1) tall dresser with 5 drawers and (1) short dresser with 3 drawers and a side cabinet. Between the 2 dressers and a regular size closet we have plenty of space for clothes, diapers, etc. There is also have a 4 shelf bookcase in their room.

That’s our list for Nursery necessities. Click here to check out the complete baby gear Must Have list.

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