If you are looking for some help with your baby registry, then you have come to the right place! In this post you will find a comprehensive baby registry checklist completely updated for 2024. As a mom of twins and a singleton I have personally used many different types of baby items.

This baby registry must haves list is comprised of items I have personally used or items I wish were around when my kids were newborns. As I was assembling this list for first time moms, I took into account which baby gear you can get at the best price for its quality.

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That covers everything that’s important to review before diving into the details of the ultimate baby registry checklist for 2024. I hope this list helps to make creating your baby registry a little bit easier.

Stroller And Car Seat Recommendations

Car seats and strollers are a must! To start I recommend getting an infant car seat and a frame stroller.

You will eventually need a convertible car seat and an umbrella stroller around 6 months old, but it’s up to you if you register for those items now or purchase them after your baby arrives. For more reading on this topic, check out when you should buy a car seat and stroller during pregnancy.

(1) Infant Car Seat with Base

I highly recommend the Graco infant car seats because I always find them easy to use. I also recommend Graco seats because they are the lightest weight, which is a plus when carrying your newborn around. If you are looking for a good second high quality option, the Chicco infant car seats are very popular too.

(1) Car Seat Base per each additional car

When you buy an infant car seat it comes with a base. But, if there are other cars that will be driving your baby around regularly, you will want to get just the base for those cars too. The car seat base must be from the same company as the car seat.

(1) Frame Stroller

I recommend getting a frame stroller to start. It is much lighter than the convertible strollers. Then, once your baby can sit up, it will be easier to get a lightweight umbrella stroller. Umbrella stroller are much easier to pack up and move around when compared with bulkier, heavier convertible strollers.

(1) Convertible Car Seat per car

You will need a convertible car seat eventually, but not within the first 3 months. If you don’t have space to store one then it might be best to wait to purchase this when you need it. On the other hand, if you put it on your registry and someone buys it for you, it’s an expensive item that will save you money.

When picking a convertible seat, consider if you are planning to have more children. It could be important to pick slim convertible seats, that will allow you to fit up to three car seats across in your car.

(1) Umbrella Stroller

Just as with the convertible car seat, you will not need an umbrella stroller until around 4-6 months old. So, it’s up to you if you want to put it in on your baby registry checklist. This is the umbrella stroller we used and it has worked really well. It’s great quality at a price that cannot be beat.

Nursery Baby Registry Essentials List

Below is the list of best nursery items for your 2024 baby registry checklist.

(1) Crib

For the crib, you will need to select one that matches your nursery theme. I recommend getting a crib that converts to a toddler bed. Some good brands for nursery furniture include Graco, Delta Children, and Davinci.

(1) Crib Mattress

We used this crib mattress for all three kids. It’s great quality at a great price!

(1) Short Dresser with 6 Drawers

I have included the number of drawers to give you an idea on how much storage you will need. A dresser and a small closet will provide plenty of space for clothes, diapers, and any other baby gear you need to store. By getting a short dresser, you will be able to put a changing pad on top of it.

(1) 4-Shelf Bookcase 

The bookcase provides space for books, plus any additional storage that might be required. I found 4 shelves to provide plenty of storage.

(1) Changing Pad

Put the changing pad on top of the short dresser instead of buying a changing table.

(2) Changing Pad Covers

Don’t forget to get a couple covers for the changing pad.

(2) Waterproof Mattress Pads

Get two mattress pads. This way you have a backup if your baby’s diaper leaks.

(2) Fitted Crib Sheets

I personally like the cotton percale sheets to help keep your baby from getting too hot. You need two sheets in case of diaper leaks.

(1) Night-light

You will want a night-light for middle of the night visits to the nursery. Then, you can continue to use it during the toddler years. This one is a great price and still works over 4 years later, and you even get a second one as a backup.

(1) Hamper

Get one in neutral colors so it can be used elsewhere in the future.

(1) Video Baby Monitor (optional)

It’s hard to find a monitor that is perfect. While a monitor is not absolutely necessary, I highly recommend investing in one.

I found it so helpful to have a video baby monitor for sleep training and also just for peace of mind that my baby was safely sleeping. I recommend this monitor, it works really well and is not overly pricey.

Another thing to consider when choosing a monitor is if you want the capability to look at the video through an app on your phone. If so, I would go with this baby monitor.

Another option is to opt for a monitor with both its own monitor and phone capabilities. Just choose the type that works best for your family.

(1) Set of Blackout Shades or Curtains (optional)

When I was pregnant I read that getting blackout shades will help your baby sleep later in the morning and nap for longer during the day. I decided to get them for the nursery.

I thought it was a great investment and that it made a difference in helping my babies sleep well. For more on this topic, check out this post on the best blackout curtains for the nursery.

(1) Sound Machine (optional)

Similar to blackout shades, I had read that a sound machine can be a big help in getting your baby to sleep well. I ended up using our sound machine through the toddler years too.

I found it to be a big help with drowning out noises around the house. Plus, it helps replicate the sounds of the womb, which can help newborns sleep better.

(1) Crib Mobile (optional)

A mobile can be helpful when establishing a bedtime routine with your baby. This nursery item is definitely not necessary.

But it can make the nursery aesthetically pleasing, and help distract your baby as he falls asleep. You will probably want to pick a mobile that matches your nursery’s theme.

(1) Glider Chair (optional)

Getting a glider for the nursery provides a comfortable spot for feedings and for holding your baby. As your baby becomes a toddler you can use it to for reading books too.

If you do choose to buy one, I really loved this type of glider. It’s very comfortable and ours is still in great condition four years later.

Diaper Changing Essentials

How many wipes do you need? What about diapers? It’s actually probably not as much as you think.

Start with the quantities listed below and buy more diapers in the correct size, as needed. This way you will figure out which diaper brand works best for your baby before money is wasted on diapers you won’t use.

The same rule applies with wipes. Try them out first before buying too many. Below, I share my favorite diapers and wipes that worked best for my family.

This section covers what you need for disposable diapers. If you need help with cloth diapering, check out these articles:

(1) Case of Newborn Diapers & (2) Cases of Size 1 Diapers

Keep in mind there is a good possibility you will also receive diapers as gifts. I personally like Pampers Swaddlers for newborn, size 1, and size 2 diapers.

This does not apply to your registry, but I want to add that when your baby gets bigger and he or she goes up to size 3 diapers, the Costco Huggies, called Huggies Plus are the best!

Huggies Plus are made exclusively for Costco and have extra protection. I love these diapers because there is a noticeable difference in absorbency compared to all other diaper brands I have tried.

(1) Case of Wipes

I love these Huggies wipes. I did my research while pregnant and they came highly recommended. They always do a great job. They are sturdy, they clean up well, and they are gentle on a baby’s skin.

(1) Changing Table (optional – if have 2 floors)

I recommend getting a changing table if you have 2 floors in your house. We purchased this one and it has been great.

It’s a good price, still in good condition, and has plenty of storage. If you do get a changing table, you will need one more changing pad and one more changing pad cover.

(1 pack of 5) Waterproof Changing Pads

You can use these to protect your changing pad cover, but this is NOT why I recommend them. I recommend waterproof changing pads for diaper changes on your bed in the middle of the night, during the newborn phase.

When your baby gets bigger, use them for diaper changes on the floor. Stick some in your diaper bag too.

(1) Diaper Bag (optional)

A diaper bag is optional because you can just use a backpack or similar bag you already own. However, diaper bags are useful because they are built specifically for carrying bottles and diapers.

For this reason, I do recommend getting one. This diaper bag is a good size, is easy to carry, will fit everything you need, and is great quality.

(1) Container of Diaper Rash Cream per changing area

This is the diaper rash cream I swear by. You will also want to get a small tube to keep in your diaper bag.

Hand Sanitizer

You do not necessarily need to put this on your baby registry checklist. But it is a good idea to keep hand sanitizer pumps at each diaper changing area, and to have a travel hand sanitizer for the diaper bag.

(1) Diaper Pail per changing area (optional)

I liked having diaper pails on each level of the house at each changing station. I do think they help prevent the bad smell of poop diapers. It’s worth getting a diaper pail if you don’t want to take the garbage out every time your baby poops.

Must Have Baby Sleeping Items For Your Baby Registry Checklist

Now let’s review all the must haves for helping your newborn sleep. You will see that you have quite a few options for sleeping quarters for your newborn. You will pick the one that makes the most sense for your family.

(1) Bassinet (optional)

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends babies sleep in their parents room until at least 6 months of age to help prevent SIDS. It may not be realistic to have your baby in your room for that long, but it is a good idea to have your baby with you for as long as possible.

Because of this recommendation I highly recommend getting a bassinet. Besides the AAP’s recommendations, having your baby sleep next to you as a newborn can make feeding and diaper changes in the middle of the night a lot simpler.

(8) Swaddling Blankets

Take as many receiving blankets as you can from the hospital, they are great quality (and free). The hospital blankets are big, so they are great for swaddling or they can be used as burp cloths. Besides the hospital blankets, these muslin blankets are my absolute favorite for swaddling.

They are big, breathable, and stretchy – perfect for swaddling. Between what you get at the hospital and a 4-pack of muslin blankets, it should be enough to start. You can always buy more later.

Pacifiers (2 packs of different brands)

I recommend getting 1 pack each of a couple different brands to see what your baby prefers. If you are looking for which types to start with I recommend one pack of soothie pacifiers and one pack of silicone pacifiers.

(1) Playard

It is really dependent on your needs whether to get the basic playard or a playard with the bassinet / changing area combo. If your home is one level, then I recommend getting the basic playard, and using the nursery for diaper changes.

In our two level house, we opted for a separate changing table on the first level of the house. We chose this option because you can use a changing table for longer. After 3-6 months, your baby will outgrow the top bassinet of the playard. Where will you change your baby after that?

You also need to consider finding space to set up the playard. Lastly, buying the basic playard will save you money. With all that said, you will need a portable crib if you plan to travel.

A playard can be used as a portable crib for up to 3 years old, so it’s worth the investment. Another great use for a playard is as a playpen. Once your baby can sit up, it provides a safe play area. It is especially useful when you need to leave the room for a few minutes.

This is an item you will likely need, but not necessarily when your baby is a newborn. So, you could wait to purchase this once your baby is a little bit older.

(1) Bouncer (optional)

If you are looking for a comfortable spot for your newborn to hang out, then a bouncer is a great option. You can have your baby close by while you get some stuff around the house.

My kids ended up taking a lot of naps in these as newborns too. A bouncer is not a necessity, but very convenient as an extra hang out spot.

(1) Swing (optional)

We had a 3 to 4 week period when a swing was the only thing two of our babies would sleep in. Although a swing is not absolutely necessary, I definitely recommend it.

You never know it could go a long way in helping your baby, and you, get some sleep at night. As far as which swing to get, I personally like a glider swing because it’s smaller.

(2) Velcro Swaddles (optional)

If you don’t want to stress about how to create the perfect swaddle, then definitely get some Velcro swaddles. These are especially nice for first time parents that are nervous about how to swaddle their baby.

(1) Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit (optional)

I swear by the Baby Merlin sleepsuit. I found it extremely useful for transferring from sleeping in a bassinet to a crib and for transitioning out of the swaddle.

We only used the 3-6 month size because the kids fit in it well past 6 months. So, don’t worry about buying the 6-9 month size.

(2) Wearable Blankets (optional)

We started using wearable blankets after our babies were out of the Merlin sleepsuit. They loved them. If you go from swaddling, to the Baby Merlin, to a wearable blanket, then opt for wearable blankets in size medium.

2023 baby registry checklist.

Must Have Baby Feeding Supplies

Here is my list of must have baby feeding supplies. As you read through this section, you will find a list for breastfeeding must haves and a list for formula feeding must haves.

(10) Burp Cloths

I like flannel burp cloths rather than terry cloth burp cloths. They are more absorbent. As mentioned above, the blankets you get at the hospital can also be used for burp cloths.

(10) Cloth Bibs

There is a good chance you will receive a lot of bibs for presents. So, I wouldn’t go too crazy registering for bibs. But, I do recommend getting some cloth bibs that are waterproof. So, I would add a set of these to your baby registry checklist.

(1) Bottle Brush

I love this bottle brush. It works really well and comes with a stand.

(1) Bottle Drying Rack (optional)

You don’t have to get a special drying rack for bottles, but I found it very useful to have one. I love this bottle drying rack and still use it to this day for drying sippy cups.

(2) Sippy Training Cups (optional)

You will not use sippy cups until at least 6 months, which is why these are optional. If you do register for sippy cups, make sure to start with the trainer cups.

I recommend getting two different brands, to see which one your baby likes. I would go with this spout cup and this straw cup to start.

Finally, just a tip I want to mention. We started putting small amounts of water in a sippy cup around 6 months. This made transitioning away from the bottle at 1 year-old much easier.

Breastfeeding Must Haves

The breastfeeding must haves list is based on waiting to see how breastfeeding is going. That way if breastfeeding doesn’t work out you won’t invest more money than required.

The items listed here will get you started with breastfeeding. If breastfeeding is going well, you can buy more gear as you need it.

One last tip, it might make the most sense to get your FREE (through health insurance) breast pump at the hospital. You should also get measured for your nursing bra size by the lactation department. Once you know your size, Target has a lot of great nursing bra choices.

(1) Breastfeeding Pillow

I recommend this pillow for breastfeeding a newborn. If breastfeeding goes well and you have two floors in your home, then it might be worth eventually getting a second nursing pillow.

(1) Box Of Breast Pads

These breast pads always worked well and were comfortable.

(1) Tube Of Lanolin

I liked this lanolin the best because it flowed out of the tube very easily. You will likely only use this during the first few weeks of nursing, but you will need it.

If you do end up breastfeeding for the long term, other items you might need or choose to buy include:

  • bottles
  • breast milk storage bags
  • breastfeeding cover
  • breast pump parts
  • hands free pumping bra

Formula Feeding Must Haves

You might be surprised to find out you don’t need all that much to get started with formula feeding. The cost of formula will add up over the next year, so it’s nice that there aren’t too many extra items required.

(3) 4 – 5 oz Bottles

For ease with cleaning, I recommend these bottles. I liked them because they have less parts and do not leak as much as other bottles from the nipple.

However, it’s not always that easy, sometimes you might have to test different brands to see if your baby has a preference. Once you know the bottle your baby likes, you can get more bottles. Getting more bottles will cut down on the number of times you have to wash bottles each day.


This is not something you will necessarily put on your registry. But I wanted to mention to have a little bit on hand.

The best way to go about this is to register on the Similac and Enfamil websites for their rewards programs. You will get free formula samples in the mail before your baby arrives.

Then you will continue to receive coupons throughout the year if you end up using one of these brands for formula. You will also be given formula to get you started at the hospital. Other items you will need down the road, once you know which bottle brand your baby likes include:

  • 8 to 9 oz bottles
  • faster flowing bottle nipples

Solid Food Must Haves

This list of must haves for feeding solids is all optional because your baby will likely be 4 to 6 months old when starting solids. These are good items to include on your registry, so you do not have to buy them yourself. But if you don’t want to store all these items, you can opt to leave them off your registry and just purchase them when you need them.

(2) Silicone Bibs (optional)

Silicone bibs are so useful when your baby starts eating solid food. They last forever and are very easy to clean. On top of that, these bibs are so big that they grow with your baby all the way through the toddler years.

(1) High Chair (optional)

I had really good luck with this high chair. It held up really well, is easy to clean, and has a storage spot for the tray. I definitely recommend it.

The only downside is a traditional high chair takes up a lot of space. If you have a small living space, then you might want to consider a booster seat that attaches to a kitchen chair. You can also use these booster seats when traveling.

(1 set of 12) Plastic Spoons (optional)

We received a large variety of baby spoons for gifts. I always found myself reaching for these. They are by far my favorite.

(2 sets of 4) Plastic Bowls (optional)

I like these bowls because they come with a lid and they are great quality.

The most epic baby registry checklist.

Baby Care Items For Your Baby Registry Must Haves Checklist

What do you need for baby’s bath and baby’s laundry? Is Dreft or special baby laundry detergent necessary? Here is the list of must haves for laundry, bath time, and baby care.

(1) Baby Bath Tub (optional)

You do not technically need a baby bath tub. But, I do recommend getting a bath tub with an infant insert to make holding your baby at bath time safer and easier.

(1 set of 3) Baby Bath Towels (optional)

Again, you do not need baby bath towels. But, they are softer and the right size for your baby. The hooded towels work really well.

(1 set of 6) Baby Washcloths (optional)

You can register for special baby sized washcloths if you want. You can also just use wash cloths you already own.

(1) Set of Baby Soap / Shampoo / Lotion

I have used a lot of different brands of baby soap and shampoo. I like Aveeno the best. It cleans well and is very gentle on the skin. It also takes a very long time to get through a bottle, so it’s worth the extra cost.

(1) Pair of Nail Clippers or Scissors

I personally like using nail scissors over nail clippers. If you’re not sure, you can just register for both.

(1) Bottle of Baby Friendly Laundry Detergent

I have always used Dreft because I love the smell and it cleans well. You can also get any brand of free and gentle detergent. This can be useful if you don’t want to keep track of different detergents for the adults and older kids.

(1) Spray Bottle of Laundry Stain Remover per changing area

You don’t necessarily need to put this on your registry, but having stain remover on hand is an absolute must! Any of the big name brands work well. You do not need to purchase the baby friendly version for stain remover.

(1) Teething Set (optional)

While not absolutely necessary, teethers are a great thing to have on hand. My kids loved teethers that were freezer safe.

(1) Thermometer

I recommend this non-contact forehead thermometer. It works well, it’s easy to use, and it won’t upset your baby.

(1) Medicine Kit (optional)

This new baby medicine kit is great to have on hand. Especially, when it’s 3am, and your baby has been screaming for who knows how long.

(4) Pacifier Clips (optional)

It was very convenient to have a pacifier permanently clipped to the car seat. This way, you never forget it when you go out.

(1) Nasal Aspirator (optional)

You will get one for free at the hospital, which is why this is listed as optional. However, I really like this nasal aspirator.

Does it sound gross? YES! But, it works so well, and there is a filter to prevent any exposure to snot. I will also say that the tube is so long, I’ve never had anything come anywhere close to the filter.

Baby Clothes For The Baby Registry – Optional

How many baby clothes do you need? Since babies grow so fast, you will need a lot of clothes. Even so, I consider the entire baby clothes section of the baby registry checklist optional.

This is because you will receive a lot of clothes as gifts. Even if you do decide to register for clothes, you do not need to register for much.

Check with friends and family who are looking to get rid of their baby clothes. Baby clothes are also some of the best baby items to buy used.

Depending on what you anticipate receiving for hand-me-downs and baby clothing gifts, you could consider putting the following clothes on your registry.

The Rest Of The Baby Registry Checklist for 2024

There are still some more items you might want to register for that do not fit into any of the categories above. Here is the list of some more optional baby items you could add.

(1) Jumper (optional)

Your baby will not be able to play with this until around 6 months old. But I highly recommend getting one. My kids absolutely loved this jumper.

It would keep them entertained for long periods of time. Jumpers are pricey, which is a good reason to include one on your registry.

(1) Play Mat (optional)

A play mat is a wonderful toy to have during the first 6 months. You can use it for tummy time too.

(1) Floor Seat (optional)

This is not a necessity, but all my kids really loved having a spot to sit up before they could do it on their own. I never found the tray to be useful, so don’t worry about getting that accessory.

(1) Car Seat Mirror (optional)

I recommend getting one mirror, just for the car you will drive in most often with your baby.

(2) Stroller and Car Seat Toys (optional)

These are good to have, but there is a very good chance you will receive some toys as baby gifts. You can register for a couple stroller toys, or just wait and see what you get.

Books (optional)

If there is a specific book that is special to you, go ahead and add it to your registry. But, I do not recommend registering for many books. There is a good chance you will receive a lot of books for gifts.

(1) Baby Carrier (optional)

Personally, I could never get the hang of using a baby carrier. It’s definitely a baby item that I could live without.

But on the other hand, many, many moms feel like they couldn’t live without one. If you think you will use it, then register for one. If you’re just not sure, try to borrow one from a friend.

Good luck and have fun creating your baby registry in 2024!

I know making your baby registry can seem overwhelming and expensive. Reading through the above list is a lot to take in. Good luck as you put together your baby registry and prepare for the arrival of your newborn baby.

And before you go, since you are working on your baby registry be sure to check out our other resources. First, don’t forget to get these FREE printable Baby Registry & Pregnancy Checklists. Next, the following pregnancy printables might be helpful for you too.

Finally since you are working on your baby registry, you might be interested in the following articles.

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