Does figuring out what exactly needs to go on your baby registry have you confused? As a mom of twins plus one I have used quite a bit of baby gear and figured out exactly what you need and what you don’t.

In this post I am discussing what not to put on a baby registry, as well as which items are optional (so you can pick between skipping or to adding them). Finally I have included some baby registry hacks so you can ensure you assemble a perfect baby registry for your needs.

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Why You Should Skip On Certain Baby Items

If you check out the newborn lists provided by the top baby registry stores, you will see a lot of baby items. But guess what? They are not all necessary and some of them you can just skip entirely.

If you want to save both money and space in your home, then it’s important to only put the items you actually need and will use on your baby registry. Of course stores want you to buy, buy, buy so they put any and all baby items they sell on their baby registry lists. Let’s start by reviewing the baby items to not put on your baby registry.

What To Not Put On Your Baby Registry (Items To Skip)

Below you fill find a list of items you just do not need, and that’s why should not to put them on your baby registry. Let’s learn why you can skip these baby items.

Bottle Warmer

If you always warm formula or breast milk, your baby will get used to it and expect it to be warm. This is very inconvenient when you are out and about.

For formula, in my family we found it easiest to make formula on demand with room temperature bottled water or filtered water. We also tried to feed our babies breast milk straight from the fridge, but they would not take it.

If this is the case for you too, just warm it slightly to almost room temperature. You can do this by putting hot water straight from the kitchen sink in a pint glass (do NOT boil the water). Then just let the bottle sit in the hot water for a couple minutes.

Wipe Warmer

Just like with warming a bottle, if you get your baby used to warm wipes your baby will expect wipes to always be warm. Again if you are away from home you will not have access to a wipe warmer, making for a fussy baby during diaper changes.

Wipe Holder

Rather than buying a holder for wipes, just buy the cases of wipes that come with holders. As far as wipes go, I recommend Huggies Natural Care. Here are a couple options that come with wipe holders:

Diaper Stacker

A diaper stacker is a device you can hang in a closet to store diapers. It’s just not necessary.

A diaper stacker takes up precious hanging space in the closet. Instead put diapers in a drawer or on top of the changing table/dresser. I just stored extra diapers in the box they came in, on the floor of a closet.

Crib Bumpers and Crib Comforters / Blankets

You are not supposed to put these items in a baby’s crib! If you do, the risk of SIDS and suffocation increases for your child.

You might receive blankets as gifts, but you should not use them in the crib.

Car Seat Cover

I thought it was easier to just use a blanket for warmth and to protect from any weather. Plus, I found car seat covers awkward to use.

The JJ Cole car seat cover is very popular to help keep your baby warm. But I just don’t think it is something worth spending money on when a blanket works just as well and is easier to use anyway.

Cart Cover

If you really hate germs a cart cover might be for you. But you can also just wipe down the cart before putting your child in it.

Most grocery stores have sanitizing wipes as you enter the store. Or just bring your own.

Baby Shoes

Yes, I know baby shoes are so adorable. But the reality is your baby will not need shoes until he or she is learning to walk. No need to include them on your baby registry.

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What You Can Choose To Put Or Not Put On Your Baby Registry (Optional Items)

Now that you know what not to put on your baby registry, I want to share which items are optional. These would be baby things that are not must haves, but you still might choose to get them to help make your life easier.

Here’s my list of optional baby items:

So that’s quite a few items to sort through and figure out if you want them. All of this baby gear can be helpful, but they take up space and cost money.

It will be up to you to determine if you think they are worth it for your family. Some items might be self explanatory as to why they are optional, but I do want to explain why a few of them are on there.

Swaddling (Velcro Swaddles & Sleep Sacks)

As far as must haves go, you can just go with traditional swaddle blankets. But if the idea of swaddling well makes you nervous, it’s worth it to invest in either Velcro swaddles or newborn sleep slacks that come with flaps.

Changing Table

If you only have one floor in your home then you can just put a changing pad on top of a short dresser in the nursery, and call it a day. But if you have two floors I recommend getting a changing table for downstairs.

Baby Clothes

You will most likely receive a lot of baby clothes as gifts. It’s also a great idea to ask around to family and friends if they have any hand-me-downs since babies grow out of clothes so quickly.

There’s a good chance you will find some clothes people are trying to off-load. If you do choose to add baby clothes to your registry, don’t go overboard. Only select a couple outfits that you have just fallen in love with. There’s also things like baby socks and no-scratch mittens that could be worth including on your registry.

Baby Carrier

I personally hated my baby carrier and never used it. Some moms swear by them and they are an absolute lifesaver for them. It might be better to get one used or to borrow from a friend and see if you like it first. It’s up to you.

What not to put on your baby registry.

What Else Should You Know About Not Putting Together Your Baby Registry?

First of all now that you know what not to put on your baby registry and which items are optional, you need to know what the baby must haves are. Luckily we have an epic post on exactly this – check out our ultimate baby registry checklist!

I want to finish up this post with a list of baby registry tips to help you create that perfect baby registry for your family.

  • If you have two floors in your home as discussed, have a changing area upstairs and a changing area downstairs. Additionally, it is useful to have a hamper for upstairs and a hamper for downstairs. We had this changing table set up downstairs in our house because it includes a hamper.
  • When it makes sense buy gender neutral items. If you end up having more children, you will be able to reuse these items.
  • Borrow expensive baby gear from your family and friends.
  • If you have Once Upon a Child or similar consignment store near you, they sell used baby clothes and used baby gear. This could be a good place to find something on the expensive side that you will not use for that long (like a baby swing).
  • Another great place to look for used baby gear is Facebook Marketplace and Facebook groups. There are a lot of local mom groups out there where people sell their used baby items and clothes. There’s also Buy Nothing groups where you can score free things. I bought a Bumbo floor seat for $5 and a baby swing for $35 through Facebook.

Now that you know what not to put on your baby registry, it’s time to start creating the perfect one for your family!

You now have a complete rundown of which baby items you can skip and which ones are optional. Finally before I sign off, here is a summary of resources you might find helpful as you prepare for the arrival of your baby:

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