What not to put on a baby registry? As a mom of twins plus one I have used quite a bit of baby gear.

In this post I want to share with your the baby gear to not put on your baby registry.

I will also be sharing some awesome baby gear to get to make your life easier with a baby.

And finally, a few tips for saving money on baby gear.

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What Baby Gear To Not Put On Your Baby Registry

Bottle Warmer

If you warm formula or breast milk, the baby will get used to it and expect it to be warm. This is very inconvenient when you are out and about.

For formula, we found it easiest to make formula on demand with room temperature bottled water or filtered water.

We also tried to feed our babies breast milk straight from the fridge, but they would not take it.

If this is the case for you too, just warm it slightly to about room temperature.

You can do this by putting hot water straight from the kitchen sink in a pint glass (do NOT boil the water). Then, just let the bottle sit in the hot water for a few minutes.

Wipe Warmer

Just like with warming a bottle, if you get your baby used to warm wipes, he or she will expect the wipes to always be warm.

This would be especially inconvenient when you are out and about.

Wipe Holder

Invest in a a few cases of wipes that come with a wipe holder. And, voila, you just saved yourself 20 bucks.

Diaper Stacker

Put the diapers in a drawer or on top of the changing table.

Crib Bumpers and Crib Comforters / Blankets

These are unsafe to have in the crib, especially during the first year.

Car Seat Cover

We thought it was easier to just use a blanket for warmth and to protect from any weather. Plus, I found the car seat covers awkward to use.  

The JJ Cole cover is very popular to help keep your baby warm, but I just don’t think it is something worth spending money on when a blanket works just as well.

Cart Cover

If you really hate germs this might be for you, but you can also just wipe down the cart before putting your child in it.

Baby Shoes

Yes, I know, baby shoes are so adorable. But, the reality is, your baby will not need shoes until he or she is learning to walk.

what not to put on your baby registry

Baby Gear To Simplify Your Life

Now that you know what not to put on your baby registry, I wanted to share some of my favorite baby gear that will simplify your life.

(1)* Crib Mobile

Although a mobile is not necessary, I have really found them helpful with establishing a bedtime routine for my babies.

*will need (2) for twins

(1)* Glider Chair

The glider is nice and comfortable. I will say, for twins, I found it much less necessary than with a singleton. 

With our singleton, it was convenient to have a spot in his nursery to feed or hold him at night.

With twins, I found if one of them was awake, and the other one was sleeping, we would take the awake baby out of the room because we did not want to disturb the sleeping baby.

But, with that said, a glider becomes a great spot for reading to your baby as he becomes a toddler.

So, if you are considering a glider for twins, go for a double glider. This allows you to comfortably both feed or read to your twins at the same time. 

*consider getting a double glider for twins

(1) Bumbo Seat

Two out of three of my kids really liked this baby chair and spent a lot of time in it. 

It helps your baby sit up before he is able to. If you can pick one up used, that might be the better option.

Stroller and Car Seat Toys

There is a very good chance you will receive a few these small toys for baby gifts.

They are useful to have when you are on the go to entertain your baby.

(1)* Car Seat Mirror

During the first 3 months it will be comforting to be able to see that your baby is okay while you are driving around, especially if he or she has fallen asleep.

Also, since we had one car we primarily used for our babies, we only bought a mirror for one of our two cars.

*will need (2) for twins

(3) Baby Washcloths

Although these are not necessary, I like them because they are soft and gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin.

For twins, we ended up using the same washcloth for both of them during bath time, so no need to buy extra.

Baby Registry Help

You now know what not to put on your baby registry and some items that can help make your life easier.

I wanted to finish up this post with a list of baby registry tips to help you create the perfect baby registry for your family.

  • If you have two floors in your home, have a changing area upstairs and a changing area downstairs. Additionally, it is useful to have a hamper for upstairs and a hamper for downstairs. We had this changing table set up downstairs in our house because it includes a hamper.
  • When it makes sense, buy gender neutral items. If you end up having more children, you will be able to reuse these items.
  • Borrow expensive baby gear from your family and friends.
  • If you have Once Upon a Child near you, they sell used baby clothes and used baby gear.  This could be a good place to find something on the expensive side that you will not use for that long (like a swing).
  • Another great place to look for used baby gear is Facebook. There are lots of local mom groups out there where people sell their used baby items and clothes. I bought a bumbo chair for $5 and a swing for $35 through Facebook.

I hope this post has provided you some help with your baby registry, including what not to put on it. Before you go make sure you check out our complete baby registry checklist.

And, finally, don’t forget to follow our Facebook page or pin this article for future reference.

a list of what not to put on baby registry

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