Preparing for a new baby is no less than an adventure. Parents have to make many small decisions, including shopping for baby products.

A baby registry can be beneficial to save you some money. Plus, creating and sharing a baby registry is one of the biggest things you might do during your pregnancy.

Once you share your baby registry with your friends and family, they can start buying baby gifts from it. But, when is the best time to send out your baby registry and how should you do it? Moreover, how can you do this while following proper etiquette?

That’s exactly what we will discuss below.

Is It Important To Create a Baby Registry?

Having a baby is expensive. The price of all the baby products you need adds up. Plus, you have to buy a lot of baby items before your newborn’s arrival because you will need many things from the very first day of your child’s life.

A baby registry can help you with that. You can create a list of the baby products you want to purchase and share it with the people who want to buy gifts for your baby. Then, those people can buy from your registry.

Moreover, creating a baby registry also helps you stay organized by tracking each baby product that has been purchased. You won’t buy doubles of things or miss anything since you have an organized list.

When Should I Send Out My Baby Registry?

The best time to send out your baby registry is a few weeks (2-4 weeks) before your baby shower. It is never too soon to share your registry, but people usually buy gifts when you invite them to your shower event. Keep in mind, if you share your baby registry too early people might forget about it when it comes time to buy gifts.

Alternatively, you can include an insert with the baby shower invitation indicating where you are registered. Shower invitations typically go out a littler earlier (4-6 weeks) than the timeframe mentioned above, but that’s okay.

You can also share your registry when people ask you what you want for your baby. So it is best to start your baby registry early in your pregnancy so you can have it ready when someone asks for it.

When To Send Out a Baby Registry When You Are Not Having a Shower

When you are not having a baby shower you can still share your baby registry with your family and friends. In this case you will want to have your baby registry ready to send out by the start of the third trimester.

You can use the following ways to send out your baby registry when you are not having a baby shower.

  • Share it when someone asks
  • Share it with the invitation of baby shower alternatives such as an intimate dinner, a sip n see party, or a virtual baby shower event
  • Share it on your social media
  • Create a wish list and share it with friends
  • Share with very close relatives and friends
When to send out your baby registry.

Is It Rude To Share My Registry?

Well, there is no definitive answer to this question. Some people say that sending out your baby registry is rude, while some say it’s absolutely okay.

However, I believe that it’s not only about sharing the baby registry. It’s about the way you share it that makes it rude or polite. So, avoid looking greedy or demanding and you are good to go.

How Do I Politely Share My Baby Shower Registry?

To politely share your baby registry you can do the following:

  • Send it along with the baby shower invitations with a separate note. You can write a message on it mentioning that you are sharing it because people always ask you what you want for the baby and you have a registry where they could buy the gifts – only if they wish to.
  • You can send it via email.
  • Have a good baby registry greeting message that welcomes your registry visitors. Some retailers like Amazon allow you to write a message at the top of your registry.

Can I Post My Registry On Facebook?

Yes, you can post your baby registry on Facebook. In addition, many retailers allow you to share your registry on social media by clicking just one button. You can also copy the link to your registry and paste it onto your Facebook.

Sometimes it doesn’t feel right to share your registry with every friend on Facebook. For example, if you have over 500 friends and many are not close enough, you wouldn’t want to share the registry with them.

In this case you can create a Facebook group and add everyone you plan to share the registry with. Then post the link to the registry in the group. Or you can create a post containing the link(s) to your baby registry and only share that post with specific friends.

What Should I Say When Sending Out My Baby Registry?

When you are sending out your baby registry along with the baby shower invitation, you can insert a short note with the invitation to politely share your registry.

Here is a template you can use:

“Many friends and family have been asking us what gifts we need for our baby. We truly appreciate your love and care. Here is the link to the baby registry we created for our little one (or insert your baby’s name if you want). Your presence at the baby shower means a lot to us and we are looking forward to seeing you soon. Thanks!
[insert baby registry link(s)]”

It is important that you share your baby registry in a respectful and polite manner.

You should not send out your baby registry too early because people may forget about it when they buy your baby gifts. On the other hand, you shouldn’t share it too late because your friends and family might have already purchased something.

So, when should you send out your baby registry? The best time to share your registry is either in an insert when baby shower invitations are sent out, 2-4 weeks before the baby shower, or when people ask you what you need for your baby.

You can also share your baby registry on Facebook or in an email with just close family and friends, and you will want to do this near the start of your third trimester. Don’t forget how you go about sharing your registry is a delicate situation and it’s important to do it in a polite manner. Always show your gratitude to those close to you when you send out your baby registry.

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