A baby registry is a great way to organize what you need for your little bundle of joy, and to make sure that those who buy you gifts do not buy the same thing. When friends and family visit your baby registry, it’s nice to write a welcome message.

But, what should you write in this baby registry greeting? Well, we are here to help with this message, since it can be hard to know exactly what to put down. In this post we have a variety of baby registry greeting examples to choose from, so let’s get started.

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What Is A Baby Registry Greeting?

Some online baby registry retailers, including the Amazon and Target baby registries, allow you to write a personalized message that will appear on the top of the page. This way, when you share your registry with someone, the first thing he or she will see is your personal message.

You get a chance to introduce a little bit of information about your baby, what you are planning, and to express gratitude.

Things To Include In a Baby Registry Greeting Message

Writing a baby registry greeting message seems so simple, but when you actually sit down to write it’s a lot harder than anticipated. Some retailers only allow you to write up to 500 characters.

You will want to include everything you need to tell your baby registry visitors without looking greedy or demanding. Here are the important things you have to consider while writing your baby registry message.

Saying Thank You & Showing Appreciation

The very first thing you should write to save yourself from looking demanding is “thank you”. Let your friends, family, and coworkers know how much you appreciate their love towards your yet-to-be born baby.

The person reading the message should feel that you are welcoming her and she is important. Here is an example sentence.

Our little bundle of joy (insert name, if you want to mention it) just can’t wait to meet you. Your presence really means a lot to us and our little baby.”

Baby’s Sex – If You Know It

Telling people the sex of your baby can help them to make better choices. They will know if they are going to buy a cute pink stuffed toy or if it will be a blue monster blanket. For example:

“John and I made a tiny baby boy and we can’t wait to finally introduce him to you.”

It is up to you if you want to reveal the baby’s gender or to keep it a surprise. If you’re not finding out or do not want to share you can mention that it is a surprise. For example:

“We are so excited to find out our baby’s gender at our baby shower, and we are looking forward to seeing you at the big reveal.”

Baby’s Name – If You Are Sharing It Before Birth

Mentioning the name of your baby can help people if they want to monogram the name on their gifts. If you want to include your baby’s name in your greeting you can do this.

“Our brand new baby girl Sophia’s arrival is right around the corner, and we are celebrating with some full nights of sleep before she arrives.”

If you don’t want to reveal the full name, you can leave it off or even give a hint in your message. A fun idea is inviting your baby shower guests to bring their name guesses with them.

Nursery Colors & Themes

It has become a trend to set a themed nursery for little kids. Almost 90% of people in the USA set up a theme or color scheme if they are setting up a nursery.

If you are one of the many parents who are keen on color choice, you can communicate your plans within your baby registry greeting. However, just remember if you are not revealing the sex of your baby to everyone, but you do have a gender-specific color theme (like pink or blue), then you will leave this information off your greeting.

If you want to mention the color but don’t want to reveal the gender, then consider green, yellow, or something like that. This is how you can mention the color.

“Little baby Lucas is definitely going to love his nursery we are setting up for him. We have chosen an aqua blue color, with a soothing white touch.”

Preferences and Limitations (If Any)

If you have any preferences, you can mention these in your greeting too. Some examples include:

  • using only organic baby care products
  • not using disposable diapers
  • only choosing eco-friendly products
  • a minimalist baby registry

Baby Registry Greeting Message Examples

Let’s review some tips for writing a good baby registry greeting.

  • Keep the baby registry greeting as short as possible.
  • Start and end the greeting with something that is not related to baby products.
  • Avoid coming off looking demanding or greedy. DO NOT mention things you prefer to be bought first off your list.
  • Do not say why you have left certain items off your baby registry. For example, do not say: “we have skipped the stuffed toys so his aunts and uncles could choose some for him.”

With those tips in mind, let’s move on to the baby registry greeting examples. You will find some that are gender specific and some that are neutral.

Sample Greeting #1

“Thank you so much for visiting our baby’s registry. Your love and support have always been so precious to us. We are so excited to meet our little baby girl Olivia, who is joining our lives in a few weeks. We are preparing her nursery with a rainbow theme including all 7 colors of the rainbow. We are going green, so our baby will be putting on cloth diapers and using all eco-friendly items. We are so excited to introduce her to you.”

Love – Laura & Steve

Sample Greeting #2

“Our little bun is almost baked and ready to be served, and we want to share this exciting time with you. We plan to create a garden-themed nursery. It is a small room so we need to save a lot of space. We will be revealing the gender of the baby at the shower. Your presence means the world to us. Our little one will be so happy to see you in his or her pre-birth pictures when he/she grows up.”

With love – Steve & Seema

Sample Greeting #3 – When You Are Having a Boy

“Our little baby John’s arrival is just around the corner, and we are so excited to finally introduce him to you. He is going to love the nursery that we are setting up for him in navy blue and bright white. We have planned to keep everything minimalistic and eco-friendly, as you can see in our registry. We appreciate your love for him. We are so excited for you to join us on our big day. Baby John will love seeing the pictures when he grows up.”

With love – Emma and William

Sample Greeting #4 – When You are Having a Girl

“Nathan and I have made a tiny little girl who is coming in a few weeks to make our family park, a Jurassic Park. She is going to stay in her rose pink and pearl white nursery with a teddy bear theme. Her room is a little bit smaller so we thought we should keep the nursery minimalist. Baby girl Emma is so lucky to have so many people who love her and we are so excited to share our journey with you.”

With love – Julia & Nathan

Sample Greeting #5 – When The Gender Is a Surprise

“We are blessed! A sweet bit is being added to our basket of biscuits. We don’t know yet if it is a boy or a girl, we’re keeping it a surprise. We are setting up a neutral-themed nursery for him/her. It is lime green and bright white with a star theme! You have always been there for us and now we can’t wait for you to join us. Please bring a boy name and girl name suggestion with you too.”

With love – Mia & Jackson

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How To Add a Baby Registry Greeting to Your Online Baby Registry

When creating your baby registry you can check out the registry settings to find this option, assuming that the store allows you to do so. Amazon and Target are the most prominent online retailers that give you an option to add a baby registry greeting.

To add a greeting to your Amazon baby registry follow these steps:

  • Go to your Amazon baby registry homepage
  • Click ” SETTINGS”
  • Find “Add a greeting to friends and family at the top of your registry”
  • Type your message in the given space
  • Click “Save Changes”

Amazon provides a limit of 500 characters! All of our sample greetings are less than that limit.

Is It Rude To Include the Baby Registry On the Baby Shower Invitation?

The purpose of a baby registry is to help people who are going to send gifts to your baby and to save you from getting a bulk of one thing, and not getting a single piece of certain other essentials.

In this day and age, it is no longer rude to include your baby registry information with your baby shower invitation. However, the way you add it is important.

Avoid adding the registry information directly on the invitation because it is not the purpose of the invitation to ask for gifts. Instead, include a separate insert that just simply states where the expecting couple is registered.

How To Write a Baby Registry on a Baby Shower Invitation

You can use baby registry inserts to state which store or stores the expecting parent(s) are registered at. To really simplify things, you can get get some printable inserts here.

Or, the baby registry greeting can be included on the invitation. For example:

“We have had some of our loved ones ask what we need for our baby. We have set up a baby registry on Amazon.

Here’s the information: (put in the info or the link)

Thank you so much for all of the love and care you are showing towards our little one. We are really happy. Thanks again!”

5 baby registry greeting message ideas.

It’s important to remember to thank those that are purchasing gifts from your baby registry. That is why including an online baby registry greeting or thank you message is a great idea, and if you choose, within your baby shower invitation as well.

A baby registry greeting is a simple personalized message that you can add to the top of your registry list. The main purpose of this greeting is to help those people who are looking for baby gift ideas and to express your gratitude to those purchasing gifts.

Finally before I sign off, since you are expecting you might also be interested in these pregnancy resources to reduce stress and stay organized.

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