Sharing your baby registry along with the baby shower invitations is the easiest and most common way to let everyone know what they can get for your yet-to-be-born baby. Even though a baby shower is a very common event arranged for a new mother, sometimes they just don’t happen.

But, the good news is that there are ways to announce your baby registry without a baby shower. You just need to be creative.

In this article, I’m going to help you find ways to let your friends and family know that you do in fact have a baby registry even though you are not having a baby shower – without looking greedy or demanding.

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Can You Have a Baby Registry Without a Baby Shower?

A baby registry is a list of all the items that the expecting parents would like for their baby when he is born. On the other hand, a baby shower is an event, like a party or luncheon, organized for the mom-to-be.

Typically people bring baby presents to a baby shower and often these gifts are selected from the baby registry. With that said, you can definitely create a baby registry without a baby shower. It will help your family and friends know what you need for your new baby.

Even if you are not going to share your list with your friends and family, you might still want to create a registry to help you stay organized and track all the items you need. Plus, many baby registry stores offer a completion discount when you purchase items from it.

A Baby Registry Without a Baby Shower Announcement Template

When you are going to announce your baby registry without a baby shower, you can use this template:

“Little Sophia is arriving soon and we are so excited to introduce her to you. For everyone who has been asking us what they could bring for her, here is the link to the baby registry we have created for her. Your love and blessings mean a lot to us. Thank you!”

How To Announce Your Baby Registry Without a Baby Shower

Now that you know what to say, it’s best to understand the circumstances on which to share or announce your baby registry without a baby shower so that you don’t look demanding.

Here are a few circumstances to consider.

1 – Share Only If Asked

On different occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, people usually ask: “What do you want for your birthday (or any other event)?”. The same is going to happen when you are going to have a baby.

So many people will ask you what you need for your baby. And when they do, it is a great time to share your baby registry.

You can simply answer: “Thank you so much for asking. Let me share our baby registry via text”, and then you should share the link as soon as possible.

This way you won’t look rude or demanding, and that person will get her answer.

2 – Send To Only Your Closest Family, Friends, & Coworkers

You can opt to share your baby registry with just your closest friends and family members. These would be the people you are most comfortable with.

You can send the link via email or text or you might want to call them to let them know you have a baby registry to share. Be sure to include a nice message (like the one above) of gratitude when you send out your registry too.

Another way to go about sharing your baby registry is inviting your close family and friends to dinner and then sharing your baby registry there. Potentially someone might ask what you need for your baby at the dinner too.

You can take that opportunity to announce your baby registry there. It will come naturally and you won’t look greedy.

3 – Share On Facebook & Social Media

Some retailers like Amazon allow you to share your baby registry on social media. Open your Amazon baby registry, go to the menu and click “Share”. You will find options to share on Facebook, WhatsApp, or send by email.

You can also copy and paste the link of the registry to your favorite social media account. This is a good way to share your list of items with all of your friends and family at the same time.

If you have a Facebook or WhatsApp group of close friends, you can choose to share it just with them too. This is probably the better, more polite option.

4 – Create a Wish List Instead Of a Baby Registry

Instead of creating a baby registry, you can create a wish list. You can send it to your friends and family and people who want to buy something for your baby can consider your wish list.

A wish list is different from a baby registry. A baby registry is created for an event (baby arrival or baby shower) for a group of people to purchase from it, while a wish list is just a list of items that is not created for an event.

This is how you can create a wish list on Amazon:

  1. Go to Account, then click “Create a List”
  2. Name your list and select “create list”
  3. Go to an item you want to add, select “Add to list” and select the list name you want to add it to
  4. Go to your list and select “More”, then “Manage List”
  5. Change privacy to “shared”
  6. Select the “send list to others” hyperlink to share with those you choose to
  7. You can copy the link or send it via email

Now that you know some ways to announce your baby registry without a baby shower, you might also be interested in some baby registry inspiration. Be sure to grab your FREE printable Baby Registry & Pregnancy Checklists by filling in the form below. Learn which must haves to put on your baby registry and when to complete items in each trimester of your pregnancy.


Baby Shower Alternatives

Now that we have discussed how to announce your baby registry without a baby shower, let’s also discuss some baby shower alternatives. These are gatherings similar to a baby shower that you can use to announce your baby registry.

1 – Host An Intimate Dinner

You can host an intimate dinner party where you invite your close family and friends and serve them a full-fledged meal. This can be a different version of a baby shower where everyone will celebrate your yet-to-be-born baby.

People will likely ask what you want for your baby. That’s when you can share that you have a baby registry and you can send the person the link.

By having a dinner, it’s similar to a baby shower since there is a meal, but you will save on the cost of hosting a large party. You can keep everything simple and casual because only a few close family and friends will be invited.

2 – Have a Sip & See Party

A sip & see is a baby welcome party and it’s also typically an informal event. This is a party that happens after your baby is born.

You invite just your close family and friends, so they can see the baby and spend some time with the new parents. Light snacks and drinks are usually served.

You do have the option to send your baby registry link along with the party invitation. This way, if people are planning to bring a baby gift to the party, they can pick from your registry if they choose to.

Keep in mind that a sip & see event is arranged a few weeks after a baby is born, so you do have to shop for all the essential items that are required in the first few weeks of your newborn’s life. Make sure you remove any items from the baby registry that are already purchased too.

3 – Virtual Baby Shower

The world is quickly moving towards an online world. Technologies that support remote meetings and events have been here for years, but people were hesitant to adapt to this change.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people view virtual events. Instead of arranging an in-person baby shower party, you can opt for a virtual one.

By using an online meeting platform like Zoom, anyone can attend the party from all over the world. You can arrange a few baby shower games too for everyone to enjoy.

Announcing your baby registry is also easier with this option, and money will be saved that would have been spent on arranging the party venue and menu.

No baby shower? Here's how to announce your baby registry.

Reasons To Not Have a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a very common event, but sometimes it is not possible to host a party. There are multiple potential reasons behind it. We will discuss a few here.

Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a very common reason that people are not arranging parties and gatherings lately. It has really changed the way people socialize.

A pregnant lady is very sensitive to viruses, and a baby shower can expose her to the virus. Additionally, people who attend the party can also be exposed to the virus.

If cases are high it might be best not to arrange a baby shower. You can go for a virtual baby shower in this case, or simply share your baby registry via social media or email.

Baby Arrived Early

A baby shower is usually arranged 4-8 weeks before a baby is due. But sometimes things don’t happen the way we want them to. The baby may decide to meet his parents earlier than expected.

No one will get a chance to host a baby shower in this scenario, even if it was planned. A sip & see event is a good alternative option in this case. You can invite people after the baby is born.

If they were invited to the baby shower (which is canceled) they are likely to bring the gift they bought from the baby registry.


The location of the people who would attend your baby shower may have a huge impact on your decision to have one. If the mom-to-be lives in a place far away from the family and friends, it might not be possible for a baby shower event to be arranged.

Another scenario would be if you want to invite mostly people who live far away. A virtual baby shower is a great choice in this case.

Everyone from any location can attend the party. The baby registry can be shared with the virtual baby shower invitation or during the party.

No One To Host

A baby shower is usually arranged by a close relative or friend of the new mom-to-be. But some people don’t have that kind of people in their lives.

In this case, a baby shower event will not be arranged. If this is you and you still want to share your baby registry and arrange a gathering, an intimate dinner or a sip & see event is a great choice for you.

Tight Budget

Arranging a large party is fun, but it costs a lot. Arranging the venue, decorations, and serving meals requires extra dollars.

Some people don’t afford that kind of expense. In this case, arranging a party is not possible. However, you can arrange a small family gathering or an intimate dinner.

A virtual baby shower is also a great choice as it doesn’t require much money. You can announce your baby registry with the invitation to the dinner or virtual baby shower.

Yes, you can announce a baby registry without a baby shower, but there are polite and humble ways to go about it.

There are multiple reasons for not throwing a baby shower, but if you still want to send your baby registry to people you need to be creative and find polite ways to share it.

You can either arrange a gathering like an intimate dinner or a virtual baby shower and send your baby registry along with the invitation or share it online via social media.

Whatever way you choose for announcing your baby registry without a baby shower, you need to make sure it’s not done in a greedy or demanding way. Be humble and thank your potential gift-givers.

Finally before I sign off, since you are expecting you might also be interested in these pregnancy resources to reduce stress and stay organized.

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