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Quick Breastfeeding Tips And Exclusive Pumping Tips

Quick Breastfeeding Tips And Exclusive Pumping Tips

As previously discussed, I have had two very different breastfeeding experiences with my twins versus my singleton. I thought it would be helpful to share my top breastfeeding tips and exclusive pumping tips for a quick reference when needed.

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General Breastfeeding Tips

  • Accept as much help as you can get around the house (caring for older children, cooking, cleaning, etc). This will allow you to concentrate on nursing or pumping.
  • Take advantage of help from a lactation consultant.
  • If you are experiencing localized pain in your breast, it could be a clogged milk duct. Make sure to take care of this right away to avoid contracting mastitis.

Nursing Advice

  • Make sure you understand what a good latch is.
  • Expect engorged breasts about 1 week after the start of nursing. The engorgement will be painful, but hang in there, it will subside over the next few days.
  • Invest in at least one nursing pillow.

Exclusive Pumping Advice

Twin moms tend to experience this more often, since their babies are born earlier on in the pregnancy.

  • Pump as often as you can, from the start, to increase supply.
  • Decide if you will wake up at night to pump.
    • This is a big decision, especially for twin moms, because sleep is particularly hard to come by. Personally, I was exclusively pumping and decided not to wake up at night. With the twins, I was able to pump six times per day. During this time, I was by myself during the day after the first month. If you would like more information on my twin breastfeeding experience, click here.
  • Invest in a good breast pump and a good hands free pumping bra.

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