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Sleep With Newborn Twins – The Baby Draft

Sleep With Newborn Twins – The Baby Draft

How do you handle nighttime care for newborn twins? Each family will handle this differently, but I wanted to share what we did to give you some ideas. We did not have a plan for night care before the twins arrived. This was mostly due to the fact that we just didn’t know what to expect. What ended up happening was the “The Baby Draft”, a term coined by my husband.

Newborn Twins And The Baby Draft

What does the baby draft mean? Each night we would choose a baby to be in charge of. This was made possible since the twins were bottle fed. Each night before bed would discussed which twin we would be in charge of. Generally, we would have the same baby for 1-2 weeks because their behavior was somewhat predictable in this time frame. In the end, The Baby Draft is what worked best for us. We liked sleeping in the same room and it was comforting to have someone next to you for support, when needed.

Nighttime Feedings And Diaper Changes

I found our system for nighttime feedings and diaper changes to be very efficient, I am sharing it here to help other parents. This system works well no matter how many newborn babies you have. We had a Rock N Play sleeper on each side the bed. On each nightstand we had a waterproof pad, diapers, wipes, bottles, bottled water, and formula. This set up allowed us to never leave the bed. We could do diaper changes and mix formula on demand from bed. We found it was much faster to mix formula on demand rather than using a bottle warmer for pre-mixed formula.

Disturbances While Sleeping

With everyone in the same room at night, it seems like you will never get any sleep. At first, since I am a light sleeper, I would be disturbed when the twin I was not in charge of woke up. But, after a week, I was so exhausted I could roll over and go back to sleep no problem. The twins stayed in our room for the first 12 weeks. After this time I was anxious to get them out because it’s pretty distracting to sleep with TWO newborns in your room. We waited until they were sleeping in longer stretches and until we felt comfortable having them separated from us before moving them to their own room.

Some other options for nighttime care of twins include:

  • Have one parent in charge of both babies for the whole night, while the other one sleeps. I know many twin parents that have used this strategy.
  • Hire a night nurse. If I did it all over again, I would probably look into this option just to get a break every once in a while.

I hope this post has given you some answers on how to deal with newborn twins and sleep. If you are looking for more tips for dealing with twin babies, click here to check out the rest of our twin related posts.

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