Are you hosting a baby shower for a mom-to-be who is expecting twins? Or maybe you are expecting twins yourself and are looking for some fun twin-themed games.

Either way as a twin mom myself, I decided to create some easy and fun baby shower games for twins. Let’s get started reviewing the various printable twin baby shower games that are available.

What Makes a Baby Shower Game “Twin-Themed”

There are a large variety of baby games you can opt to play at a baby shower or family gathering. However, finding games that are specifically for twins is not as easy. If a baby shower game is “twin-themed” it will include something that is related to twin pregnancy or twin babies.

Fun Baby Shower Games Ideas For Twins

Let’s get started reviewing six different baby shower games for twins. You can buy most of the games individually in my Etsy shop. Or, you can save by getting a bundle of all (6) twins baby shower games from my blog shop.

1 – Twins Trivia

Twins trivia mockup image.

This Twins Trivia printable game has 14 twins true or false questions and includes an answer key. Baby shower guests will have fun learning interesting twin facts. Whoever gets the most answers correct wins the game.

2 – Celebrity Twins Baby Name Match

Celebrity twins baby shower game mockup imge.

The Celebrity Twins Baby Shower Game has 12 celebrity parents to match with the name of their twins. This simple and fun game includes an answer key.

3 – Twins Baby Babble Word Scramble

Twins baby shower word scramble mockup image.

The Twins Baby Shower Word Scramble game has 15 twin-related words for baby shower guests to unscramble. This game is also sometimes referred to as twins baby babble and an answer key is included as well.

4 – Twin Baby Name Race

Twin baby name race printable game.

This game is included in the bundle, but is not sold individually in my Etsy shop. In this game each letter of the alphabet is listed with a line next to it.

Baby shower guests will fill in two baby names (two instead of one for twins) on each line that starts with the letter listed. Whoever finishes first wins the game.

5 – Twin Baby Predictions

Twin baby predictions mockup image.

This Twin Baby Prediction activity has 11 different items to guess for each twin. Additionally, there is space for shower guests to write advice for twins.

Everything is included on one-page and you can give all the sheets to the parents-to-be when the shower is over. The items to guess include the following:

  • Name
  • Hair color
  • Gender
  • Eye color
  • Hope baby has mom’s…
  • Hope baby has dad’s…
  • Month of birth
  • Day of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Weight
  • Length

6 – Twins Bingo

Twins bingo mockup image.

This Twins Bingo printable baby shower game includes 30 unique pre-filled boards. Some twin-specific baby gear is listed on each board.

Guests will fill out their bingo cards as the mom-to-be opens presents. Whoever gets “Bingo” first wins.

Twins Baby Shower Games Bundle – Get Them All!

Twins baby shower games bundle mockup image.

Why not save and get ALL six Twins Baby Shower Games? These fun baby shower games for twins are a great way to keep guests entertained and conversation flowing. This bundle of games is instantly downloadable and prints beautifully in color or black and white.

All the games listed above are included in this bundle. But, to review you will get the following games and activities:

  1. Twins Trivia
  2. Celebrity Twins Baby Name Match
  3. Twins Word Scramble (Baby Babble)
  4. Twin Baby Name Race
  5. Twin Baby Predictions
  6. Twins Bingo (30 cards)

If you are planning a baby shower for an expecting twin mom be sure to include some fun baby shower games for twins!

That wraps up all the twin-themed games I have created and included in this bundle of twins baby shower games. If you decide to get it, I promise you will have loads of fun and provide great entertainment for baby shower guests.

Simple baby shower games for twins Pinterest pin.

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