According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), only 1 out of 250 natural pregnancies results in twins. However, the chances of multiples increase when pregnancy is conceived with the help of IVF or other fertility treatments, such as gestational surrogacy.

This is due to the transfer of two or more embryos to improve the chances of success. As exciting as it can be, a multiple pregnancy comes with medical risks and complications for both the mother and babies.

Knowing the possible signs of a twin pregnancy will help you prepare for what is to come. Below we will discuss the earliest twin pregnancy symptoms at 6 weeks.

Can Twin Pregnancy Be Detected Early at 6 Weeks?

While some twin mothers claim they suspected they were carrying multiples from the beginning, others are shocked to learn that they are expecting twins. Many of the symptoms that can indicate that a woman is expecting twins also occur in a singleton pregnancy.

Hence, it’s impossible to know whether you are pregnant with twins by simply gauging the symptoms you’re experiencing or based on home pregnancy test results. The only sure way to know whether you are carrying twins is by having an ultrasound scan.

An ultrasound can show how many babies, placentas, and amniotic sacs are present in the womb, and it can be done as early as 6 weeks.

What To Expect At a 6 Week Twin Pregnancy Ultrasound

A 6 week pregnancy ultrasound can provide a conclusive answer for expectant mothers who are not sure whether or not they are pregnant with twins. A transvaginal ultrasound is performed to see the developing babies at this early stage.

During the ultrasound scan, you will be asked to lie on your back, and an ultrasound wand will be inserted vaginally to produce an image of your womb. If the presence of two embryonic sacs and separate heartbeats are detected this will indicate a twin pregnancy.

Can I Find Out In Early Pregnancy If It’s Twins Without an Ultrasound?

Although you can never be sure whether you’re pregnant with twins until you complete an ultrasound, there are early signs that may suggest that you are carrying multiples. Some of them include extremely severe morning sickness, rapid weight gain, or breast tenderness.

Extreme tiredness can also be a sign of multiples, although it can also be due to stress, a busy work life, or a singleton pregnancy. Other possible signs are an increased appetite early during pregnancy and the feeling of babies’ movement in two sides of the abdomen. Let’s discuss these early twin pregnancy symptoms starting at 6 weeks in more detail.

The Top Early Signs & Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy at 6 Weeks

Again, only an ultrasound can reveal whether you are pregnant with twins, but there are some early clues. Below are the symptoms expectant mothers might experience during a twin pregnancy.

Morning Sickness

Many twin mothers report that they feel very severe morning sickness or one that lasts longer than the first trimester of pregnancy. It’s hard to tell what levels of morning sickness can be considered normal since it can vary from one woman to another. But, if you are still feeling nausea and vomiting late into your pregnancy, it is possible that you are carrying twins.


Fatigue is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. It can even begin before you miss your period. Elevated hormone levels, frequent urination, and sleep interruptions can prevent you from getting enough rest, causing extreme tiredness. However, you cannot be sure whether the fatigue you’re experiencing means that you are pregnant with twins.

High HCG

Human chorionic gonadotropin (or HCG) is the hormone that the body produces during pregnancy. A blood pregnancy test can determine the exact level of HCG in the body.

If your HCG levels are higher than expected, it’s probably because you are expecting more than one baby. I can also tell you from personal experience, this was the case for me.

Since I had gone through IVF, I knew the exact date of the embryo transfer and my HCG levels were elevated compared to a singleton pregnancy. Low and behold it turned out I was pregnant with twins.

Second Heartbeat

Your doctor can use a fetal doppler (a hand-held ultrasound transducer) to check a baby’s heartbeat as early as 8 weeks of pregnancy. If your obstetrician detects a second heartbeat, he or she may recommend having an ultrasound to determine whether you are pregnant with twins.


Another symptom that women pregnant with twins say they experience is bloating and a feeling of fullness in the stomach. So, if you are feeling bloated around 6 weeks pregnant, you may be carrying twins.

Spotting or Bleeding

Although no one wants to see blood during their pregnancy, being pregnant with twins is more likely to cause spotting or even bleeding during the first trimester.

In fact, I have personal experience with this and experienced spotting and bleeding during both my twin pregnancy and singleton pregnancy. If you do have some first trimester spotting WITHOUT cramping just know that it does not necessarily mean you will have a miscarriage, and it could actually be a sign of twins or multiples.

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Will I Have Additional 6 Week Twin Pregnancy Symptoms If I Did Fertility Treatments or IVF?

Yes, you may experience other symptoms apart from those above if you conceive with IVF or other fertility treatment. This may be due to the side effects of the fertility medication used during the treatment. For instance, Clomid (Clomiphene) causes hot flashes, which can be experienced along with twin pregnancy symptoms.

I Am 6 Weeks Pregnant With Twins & I Have No Symptoms – Is This Bad?

While the lack of symptoms at 6 weeks of a twin pregnancy can be worrisome, it does not necessarily mean there’s something wrong with your pregnancy. Not all women will experience increased pregnancy symptoms at this early stage of gestation.

Some people will not notice any symptoms of pregnancy until they are 8 weeks along or more. If you are bothered by the lack of pregnancy symptoms, check in with your physician for reassurance.

Twins Fetal Development at 6 Weeks

Twins make huge developmental strides at 6 weeks of pregnancy. This is when their bodies start to take a human-like form. Facial features, including the ears and nose, are formed during this period.

Also, tiny projections that will grow into little arms and legs start to appear. At around 6 weeks, each baby’s brain and spinal cord begin to develop from their respective neural tubes. Even the initial tissues of the lungs (one of the last organs to form) come together at this time.

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Finding out or wondering if you are pregnant with twins is both exciting and stressful. You can be prepared by knowing what to expect for twin pregnancy symptoms at 6 weeks.

Early pregnancy symptoms like more severe morning sickness, bloating, extreme fatigue or breast tenderness may indicate that you are pregnant with twins. But you cannot know for sure until you complete an ultrasound.

Remember that a twin pregnancy comes with additional risks. Hence, it’s important to take good care of yourself and seek prenatal care as soon as possible if you are expecting more than one baby.

The top 6 early twin pregnancy symptoms.

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