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How To Remove Pacifiers From Toddlers

How To Remove Pacifiers From Toddlers

This past spring we went through a lot of milestones with the twins. Their baby brother had been born in November and until he was sleeping well at night, we put things off like taking away their pacifiers, transitioning out of cribs, and potty training. In this post, I will share the process we used to get rid of pacifiers.

I was not sure how to go about taking away their pacifiers, but S, had started biting hers and making holes in it, between them being over 2 and a 1/2 years old and safety concerns, I knew we had to take the pacifiers away ASAP.

The Background

First, a little history on the twins’ pacifier use. After they were 1 and a 1/2 year old, we only used pacifiers for naps and bedtime. This was a big help because we did not have to worry about taking the pacifier away when out and about. This made the pacifier removal process faster and easier. If you are reading this and have young toddlers, I encourage you to start only allowing pacifiers for sleeping. Besides having a newborn, another reason we did not take away pacifiers sooner was the twins were such good sleepers. We were just not willing to mess with a bedtime and nap routine that worked so well.

I did a little research on how to remove pacifiers and I found the following article from to be very useful:

Bye-Bye Binky: Ending the Pacifier Habit

More specifically, check out the section titled “How to Stop: The Three-Day Plan”. We followed this very closely and I found it to be so much easier than anticipated. The steps below outline the version we used in our house. You will find them to be very similar to the ones outlined in the article.

How Did We Do It?

Step 1: 3 days before, the day before, and the day of pacifier removal, I told the twins they were getting so big and it was time to stop using pacifiers. I also told them there were babies that needed them more than they did and we would send the pacifiers to them. That was it, I left it at that and they both seemed receptive to this idea.

Step 2: On the day of pacifier removal, we gathered all the pacifiers and put them in zip-lock bags. I made it fun, like a scavenger hunt. We did this after dinner, so it was close to bedtime. Each twin had a bag of their own. I went with each of them individually and put the bags on our front porch. I told them the pacifiers would be picked up and sent to babies that needed them. They were very happy about this.

Step 3: We did our bedtime routine and everything went very smoothly, there was no mention of pacifiers. My husband and I went to leave the room and both girls started crying hysterically. We reminded them that there were babies that needed their pacifiers. This calmed them down a bit and we left. The crying started again, but we were prepared this could happen. We let them cry and the crying lasted about 5-10 min (although it seemed so much longer). Once the crying stopped they were asleep within 30 minutes or so. Wow, we were so relieved and surprised at how smoothly it went.

I should also mention, at this point in their lives the twins were still sleeping in their cribs. This helped because they did not have the option to run out of their bed or their room. Crying at bedtime for a few minutes lasted a couple more days. Waking up at night or early the next day also happened a few times over the next week or so. Within 2 weeks both children seemed fully adjusted to their pacifier free life.

To Summarize

If you follow the steps above, you should be able to successfully take pacifiers away from your toddler as well. It is important to be prepared for some crying and a few off nights. But, stick with it, and pacifier-free will be the new normal for your child in no time.

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how to remove pacifiers from toddlers