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This, That, and the Other Thing

This, That, and the Other Thing

This week’s post rounds out the last of the baby gear list, including items you do not need.  Finally, you will find advice, including some ways to save money.

Nice To Have Baby Gear

Invest in the Non-Essential Favorites list first, but I also like the items below and had to include them on my list:

(1)* Crib Mobile

*will need (2) for twins

(1) Glider Chair – the glider is nice and comfortable. For twins, I found it much less necessary than with a singleton.  With our singleton, it was convenient to have a spot in his nursery to feed or hold him at night. What I found with the twins was if one of them was awake the other one was usually sleeping and we would take the awake baby out of the room in order to not disturb the sleeping baby. If you have a use for it elsewhere in the house after the first 9 months – 1 year then it is probably worth it.

(1) Bumbo Seat – Two out of three kids really liked this chair and spent a lot of time in it. If you can pick one up used, for cheap, it could be a great investment. It’s great practice for sitting up.

(1)* Crib Skirt – not necessary, but it makes the nursery more inviting.

*will need (2) for twins

Stroller and Car Seat Toys – there is a very good chance you will receive a few of these as baby gifts. They are useful to have around to entertain your baby.

(1)* Car Seat Mirror per car or just get one for the car you drive in most

*will need (2) for twins

(4) Baby Washcloths – you can buy special baby sized washcloths if you want. You can also just use wash cloths you already own. For twins, we ended up using the same washcloth for both of them during bath time, so no need to buy extra.

Things You Do Not Need

Bottle Warmer – if you warm the formula or breast milk, the baby will get used to it and expect it to be warm. This is very inconvenient when you are out and about. For formula, we found it easiest to make formula on demand with room temperature bottled water or filtered water. We tried to feed the babies breast milk straight from the fridge, but they would not take it. If this is the case for you too, just warm it slightly to room temperature (or less). We do this by putting hot water straight from the kitchen sink in a pint glass (no need to boil the water) and letting the bottle sit there for a few minutes.

Wipe Warmer – if you get the baby used to warm wipes, it will be especially inconvenient when you are on the go.

Wipe Holder – buy the cases of wipes that come with a wipe holder container.

Crib Bumpers and Crib Comforters/Blankets – these are unsafe to have in the crib, especially during the first year.

Diaper Stacker – put the diapers in a drawer or on top of the changing table.

Car Seat Cover – we found it easier to just use a blanket for warmth and to protect from weather.  I found the car seat covers awkward to use.  The JJ Cole cover is very popular to help keep the baby warm, but it just wasn’t for us.

Cart Cover – if you really hate germs this might be for you or you can wipe down the cart before putting your child in.

Baby Shoes – okay, I know they are so cute, but your baby will not need shoes until he is learning to walk.


If you have two floors, have a changing area upstairs and a changing area downstairs. Also, have a hamper for upstairs and one for downstairs.

When it makes sense, buy gender neutral items.  If you have more children, you will be able to reuse these items.

Borrow baby gear items from your family and friends.

If you have Once Upon a Child near you, they sell used baby items.  It might be a good place to find something on the expensive side that you will not use for that long (like a swing).

Another great place to get used baby gear are Facebook swap sites.  I bought my bumbo chair for $5 and our swing for $35.  I even bought maternity clothes on a Facebook swap site. Remember, always use your common sense and be safe when dealing with others on the sites.

This post now completes our baby gear list of must haves, nice to haves, and items that are not necessary. Click here to check out the complete baby gear list, including the list of must haves.