Preparing for a newborn is an exciting yet overwhelming process. One of the most important things that people often ignore before the birth of their baby, is where they will keep small, essential baby items.

This is where a portable storage unit, such as a diaper caddy, will be very helpful for keeping baby things handy that are required more often. With a diaper caddy you can keep your important baby items organized and nearby at all times.

Now that you know a diaper caddy is useful, what are you supposed to put in it? That’s exactly what I will be reviewing in this article! So let’s get started discussing what to put in a diaper caddy.

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What Is a Diaper Caddy?

A diaper caddy is a small portable storage container that is designed to organize and hold essential baby products. Typically, it is compact and lightweight.

Diaper caddies have compartments to make it easier to organize supplies and they have handles so you can easily carry it from one place to another. Diaper caddies are usually made of fabric, but you can also find plastic or metal diaper caddies.

Is a Diaper Caddy Necessary?

A diaper caddy is not necessary, but it can be very useful. When you have a newborn, you may spend most of your time sitting with a baby in your lap. It’s not always possible to stand up and go to pick up something.

You can simply keep essential baby items in a diaper caddy and store it near you. When you need something for your baby (like diapers), it will be within arm’s reach.

I personally found a diaper caddy the most useful for a multi-level house. When my husband and I would go to bed at night with our twin newborns, we would pack up the diaper caddy with all the items we needed to get through the night with them.

As your baby gets older and closer to a toddler, you can start using a diaper caddy as a spot to keep baby or toddler items in your car.

What Must Haves To Put In Your Newborn Diaper Caddy (Bedside Diaper Organizer)

Now that you know the top reasons to use a diaper caddy, let’s review what items are must haves to put in a bedside diaper caddy.


As the name implies, a diaper caddy is primarily designed to organize a baby’s diapers and keep them close by. So, they are the main items you should put in it.

It’s important to have an adequate supply of diapers nearby, so you can quickly change your baby when needed.


Baby wipes are another absolute essential. You need them for many reasons, especially to clean your baby during a diaper change.

You might also need them to clean your hands and other messes. I still have baby wipes on hand to this day for quick clean ups, and my kids are 9 and 6!

I like to have a pack of baby wipes with an open top, so you can pull a wet wipe quickly with one hand when you need it.

Diaper Cream

A newborn’s skin is very sensitive. Prolonged exposure to wetness can cause diaper rashes. This problem is very common in babies.

It is best to keep some diaper rash cream in a bedside diaper caddy. My favorite diaper rash cream by far is Aquaphor – I highly recommend it.

Burp Cloth

Babies are messy. Having a few burp cloths within your range will be quite beneficial. You can quickly clean up spills after the feeds.

Disposable Diaper Bags

I think this is one of the most important things you should have when your baby is wearing diapers. During the diaper change, quickly pick a disposable diaper bag from the diaper caddy and pack the diaper in it. It will trap the unpleasant smell quickly.

Hand Sanitizer

After every diaper change, you cannot go to wash your hands when you have a newborn to care for. Keeping hand sanitizer in the diaper caddy is beneficial. You can clean your hands quickly after the diaper change is over.

What To Put In a Car Diaper Caddy

When you are traveling, keeping all baby essentials in one place becomes a challenge. When you are away from home and traveling in a car, you do not want to forget anything. I recommend the following items to put in a car diaper caddy.

  1. Diapers
  2. Wipes
  3. Disposable diaper bags
  4. Changing mat
  5. Hand sanitizer
  6. Diaper rash cream
  7. Extra baby clothes
  8. Burp cloths
  9. Baby swaddles / blankets
  10. Pacifiers
  11. Baby nail clippers
  12. Small travel baby thermometer

If breastfeeding:

  1. Nursing cover
  2. Breast pads

If formula feeding:

  1. Baby bottles
  2. Formula – you might want to get a travel formula dispenser
  3. Water bottles

You can customize your car diaper caddy by adding any of the above items to meet your requirements.

Are There Other Optional Items To Put In a Diaper Caddy?

Besides the essential baby items, what other things can you put in a diaper caddy that are beneficial? Here are some optional items you might want to consider.

Portable Changing Pad

A changing pad in the diaper caddy can be quite beneficial. For example, if it’s the middle of the night and your newborn needs a diaper change and sleeps in your room, you can do it all in your bed without getting up.

Nursing Pads

If you are breastfeeding your baby, you might need nursing pads quite often. Keeping them in the diaper caddy can be helpful in case you need them.


If your baby is used to pacifiers, store an extra one in the diaper caddy. If the pacifier falls on the ground, you may not get a chance to go and sterilize it. The extra paci in the caddy will be helpful.

Baby Thermometer

Newborns are very prone to infection and a temperature change is often the first sign. Keeping a thermometer nearby makes it easy to find when you need it.

Extra Baby Clothes

Babies are messy. Aren’t they? Keep a couple extra baby onesies in the diaper caddy so you can change your baby if she has a diaper leak or spits up.


Just like extra baby clothes, a few bibs in the diaper caddy can also be helpful. You can frequently change your baby’s bib to save his clothes from getting dirty.

Baby Lotion

Keeping a baby’s skin moisturized is so important. Have baby lotion nearby by storing some in the diaper caddy.

Nail Clippers

Newborn’s nails grow like crazy. Moreover, their nails are sharp. They may scratch their face with them or hurt you while feeding. Regularly cutting your baby’s nails short is crucial. The diaper caddy is an excellent storage spot for them.

What to put in a diaper caddy.

How To Use a Diaper Caddy

Here are some step by step instructions for organizing and using a diaper caddy.

  1. Get a good diaper caddy or bedside organizer.
  2. Stock it with essential baby items. Decide if you want to put any optional items in it too.
  3. Select a good location where you spend the most time with your baby. For example, near a nursing chair or near your baby’s cot or bassinet.
  4. Keep the diaper caddy within arm’s reach (as much as possible).
  5. Use the items when you need them and restock them when needed.
  6. Take the diaper caddy with you if you are going anywhere or when you move to another room in the house.

Now you know what a diaper caddy is, how to use it, and what to put in it.

A well stocked diaper caddy can save you time and energy. It will minimize your stress and you won’t have to run around finding essential baby items frequently. Finally, before I sign off as a new parent with a baby you might be interested in the following resources:

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