Sometimes finding the right sleeping arrangement with your newborn can be a challenge. If you want to keep your little one close to you while you sleep, but also have a tall bed it can be difficult to find a good option that is safe and convenient at the same time.

Luckily, there are some bassinets on the market designed for parents with tall beds. In this article I am sharing my list of the best bassinets for tall beds. I didn’t focus only on height, but also looked at all the factors that are important when purchasing a bassinet for a baby.

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How Tall Should a Bassinet Be For a High Bed?

The height required for a bedside bassinet, depends upon how high the bed next to it is. That means a bassinet for a high bed should be adjustable close to this height. It should ideally reach the height of your mattress.

This is to ensure that you can reach your baby easily for feedings and comforting throughout the night. You can also monitor your baby easily when he or she is sleeping.

What Height Is Considered Tall For a Bed?

High beds are generally considered to be 25-36 inches off the ground (or any bed that is greater than 24 inches high). In this case, the measurement for the height of a bed includes the mattress height.

The Best Bassinets & Bedside Sleepers For Tall Beds

Now that you know what a tall bed would be, let’s discuss which bassinets work best. Here is my list of the best bassinets for tall beds to help you choose the one that would be the most suitable for your family.

1 – Chicco Close to You 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet

Chicco is a well-known company in the baby product industry. Their products are wonderful and offer a vast variety as well.

The Chicco Close to You bassinet is one of those great options. The height of this bedside bassinet is adjustable from 24 to 33.5 inches, which is very close to the average height of tall beds.

This Chicco bassinet has 3 modes of use. You can use it as a bedside sleeper, portable bassinet, or heightened changing station. This is a great choice for C-section mommies as it makes it easier to change diapers without bending a lot.

Portability is a great feature of this bassinet. Swivel wheels make it very easy to transport the bassinet from one place to another. You can also change the bassinet’s position with one hand.

The hand-activated brake locks the bassinet in one place so your baby is safe while sleeping. Mesh sides ensure proper air ventilation. On top of those features, the electronic module includes 6 melodies, 2 vibration settings, and a nightlight to help your newborn fall asleep.

This Chicco bassinet is suitable for babies from birth to 20 pounds in weight. The bassinet is very easy to assemble and does not require any tools. There is zip-off fabric that is easy to wash in the machine, and the waterproof mattress can easily be wiped clean.

There are a few cons of the Chicco bassinet. The mesh side doesn’t open on one side to easily access your baby at night. Additionally, the bassinet doesn’t rock to put babies to sleep. At the end of the day, this Chicco bassinet is a great choice as a bedside sleeper for a tall bed.

2 – Milliard Bedside Bassinet

The Milliard bedside bassinet is adjustable to 8 different heights. It can reach 31 inches high which makes it great for tall beds.

This bassinet can be used as a standalone bassinet or as a bedside sleeper that is attached to the adult bed. The bed straps to attach it to the bed come with the bassinet.

The Milliard bassinet is suitable for a baby from birth to 20 pounds in weight. The bassinet is made in the USA and meets or exceeds all US safety regulations for side-sleeper bassinets. Breathable mesh walls on each side provide proper ventilation and visibility.

This bassinet is very easy to assemble. You can assemble it without using any tools. Moreover, assembly does not require a lot of time.

Additionally, this bassinet is compact and portable. Wheels with brakes make it easier to move the bassinet from one place to another. You can lock the wheels too.

Baby essentials can be stored in the four storage pockets. A waterproof mattress and washable mattress cover make it easier to clean the bassinet.

One drawback of the Milliard bassinet is that it does not rock back and forth. Overall, the Milliard bassinet is a great choice and it has been the choice for many parents with high beds.

3 – Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet

The Simmons Kids By The Bed City sleeper bassinet is different from the above-mentioned bassinets because it has a Z-shaped stand that can slide under the bed. When you slide the wheels under the bed, the bassinet will rest partially on your mattress. Your baby can sleep right next to you without risking safety.

The Simmons bassinet is adjustable to 5 different heights. Maximum height reaches up to 30+ inches, which is around the average height of tall beds.

This bassinet meets the JPMA standards, ASTM, and CPSC standards as well. Mesh sides on two sides provide better ventilation and visibility so your baby can sleep comfortably. This bassinet is suitable for babies from birth to 5 months (roughly around 15 pounds).

Assembly is easy and tool-free. It has storage pockets on each side that make it easier to keep baby essentials handy. The bassinet includes a one-inch mattress pad and a machine-washable cover.

The Simmons Kids City Sleeper bassinet has a few cons as well. The mesh material is found on two sides, not on four sides, which reduces airflow. The bassinet doesn’t have swivel wheels which makes it a little difficult to change it’s position. And finally, it doesn’t rock to put babies to sleep faster.

4 – HALO BassiNest 3.0

HALO is a well known company that makes baby sleep products. Their products are usually of very good quality.

The HALO BassiNest 3.0 is not only a bassinet, but a lounger as well. The upper part of the bassinet is removable from the stand. You can use it as a bedside bassinet during the night, then remove the bassinet from the stand and use it as a lounger during the day.

The HALO BassiNest 3.0 is adjustable in height. It works well with beds that are 24 to 30 inches high.

The legs of this bassinet are in an X shape. They tuck fully or partially under bed frames that are at least 4.5 inches from the floor (very likely if you have a tall bed). This feature helps to keep your baby close to you while sleeping.

The walls of the bassinet are almost fully made of mesh to ensure very good ventilation and visibility. Moreover, you can easily lower the mesh walls to pick up your baby.

The 360-degree swivel wheels make the bassinet easy to transport. This bassinet is suitable for babies from birth to 20 pounds in weight.

It is also very easy to maintain as the fabric walls are removable and washable. A fitted sheet and a mattress are also included.

The only con is that there are no storage pockets for baby essentials. You could keep a diaper caddy nearby you if you choose to buy the HALO BassiNest 3.0.

5 – Graco® DreamMore™ Bedside Bassinet

Graco is a trusted baby products company and my personal favorite. The Graco DreamMore bedside bassinet is an excellent product that is suitable for tall beds.

This bassinet is somewhat similar to the HALO BassiNest 3.0. It has gliding legs that can move under the bed. You can easily move your baby closer to you and still be safe while you sleep.

This Graco bassinet’s height is adjustable from 23.5 to 32.5 inches. This height is suitable for both average height beds and tall beds.

The Graco bedside bassinet is also usable as a bassinet and a lounger. The bassinet is easily removable from the base. This feature and the fact that the bassinet is lightweight make it easily portable. Integrated carry handles also make it simple to carry the bassinet around.

All four sides of this bassinet are made of mesh that increase airflow. Moreover, one attached handle allows you to manually sway the bassinet to soothe your baby. This Graco bassinet is suitable for a baby from birth to 50 pounds of weight, which is a huge plus.

A machine washable mattress pad is included. A couple downsides are that the Graco bassinet doesn’t have storage pockets included and it doesn’t have wheels.

6 – besrey Bedside Bassinet

The besrey bedside bassinet is quite different from all the bassinets listed above. This is a classic type of bassinet with helpful features.

The large and sturdy frame of the besrey bassinet is adjustable to 9 different heights. This bassinet is appropriate for use with beds that range from 23.2-31.8 inches in height.

The retractable feet of 4 inches make it easier to use with almost all kinds of beds. This crib-style bassinet is made of environmentally friendly material that resists mold and odor and is easier to clean. The besrey bassinet is also fully compliant with ASTM, CPSIA, and CCPSA standards.

This bassinet is portable. The 360-degree casters make moving the bassinet from one place to another very easy. All four casters have sturdy brakes that will keep your baby safe when you are sleeping.

A large storage basket below the bassinet allows you to keep baby items, like diapers and wipes handy. The bassinet is easy to assemble without any tools.

For your baby’s comfort, a 2.5 cm thick mattress made of skin-friendly 3D vertical cotton provides perfect support and protection to the baby’s spine. The besrey bassinet also has a canopy-style shade with a mosquito net that keeps babies safe from bugs and light.

The bassinet is suitable for babies from birth to 50 pounds in weight. The downside of the besrey bassinet is that only two sides have half walls of mesh. It may not be a good option for the summer season.

7 – Cloud Baby Bedside Bassinet

The Cloud Baby bassinet shape is very similar to the besrey bassinet, but its base is quite different. The Z-shaped frame allows the legs to move under the bed so babies can be closer to their parents.

The height of the Cloud Baby bassinet is adjustable to 9 different height settings. The frame is made of aluminum, which ensures the stability.

This Cloud Baby bassinet is equipped with smooth locking wheels that make it easier to move it from one room to another. It is also easy to assemble without tools. The washable mattress and sheets are easy to clean and maintain.

The detachable side panel keeps your baby protected when the bassinet is not attached to the bed. Remove the panel while your baby is sleeping with you to keep him or her closer.

Both the detachable side panel and the other side have mesh that improves ventilation and breathability. The bassinet also has a strap that you can hook under the bed on one side to keep the bassinet from budging. This way your baby will be safe while you are asleep.

A music box with hanging figures keeps babies entertained and helps put them to sleep. The Cloud Baby bassinet is suitable for babies from birth to 20 lbs in weight.

8 – RONBEI Bassinet with Breathable Mesh

The RONBEI bassinet is also a great choice if you are looking for a good quality bassinet suitable for a tall bed. It is adjustable to 8 different heights.

The highest it can reach is approximately 28 inches from the floor to the bottom of the bassinet. So, it’s a good fit for a slightly tall bed.

One side of the H-shaped legs of this bassinet can move under the bed. That means the bassinet can move onto or very close to the bed. Babies are able to sleep closer to their parents.

Both side walls of the RONBEI bassinet are made of mesh to ensure good air ventilation. Mesh sides also improve visibility so you can keep an eye on your little one.

The fabric of the RONBEI bassinet is machine washable. The mattress pad and the fitted sheets can be removed and washed easily.

This easy-to-assemble bassinet makes a perfect fit if you are looking for something simple. The RONBEI bassinet also has a few drawbacks. It doesn’t have wheels to move it around. Moreover, it has no storage basket for baby products.

The best bassinets for tall beds.

The Tallest Bedside Bassinet

All the bassinets listed above go high enough to use with a tall bed. But which one is the tallest? The Chicco Close to You bassinet is the tallest bedside bassinet of all of them.

It can reach up to 33.5 inches high from the floor to the bottom of the bassinet. This feature makes it a great choice if you own a very high bed.

Qualities To Look For When Buying the Best Bassinets For Tall Beds

There are several different qualities you should look for when buying a bassinet. The following are some very important features to consider.

  • Safety: The bassinet you choose should not have sharp edges. It should have a wide and stable base. The bassinet should meet the safety standards given by your state. Look for certifications like ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) or JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association).
  • Size & Height – Choose a bassinet that can fit into your bedroom. The height should be adjustable to the height of your bed so you can keep the baby near you and care for him or her easily at night.
  • Breathability – The sides of the bassinet should be made up of mesh so that the walls allow proper airflow. Good ventilation ensures that your baby is comfortable.
  • Mattress Quality – This is a very important feature to consider. It should be firm and flat. The material used should be breathable. It should also be easy to clean. A waterproof mattress is a good choice.
  • Portability – If you plan to move the bassinet from one place to another, look for features that make the bassinet easy to move. Lockable 360-degree swivel wheels are the best option. Moreover, the bassinet should be lightweight to make it easy to move around.

Other minor features you might want to also consider are:

  • Storage basket
  • Ease of maintaining
  • Handles to move the bassinet
  • Hanging toys
  • Shade and mosquito net
  • Color (if you plan to match it with the nursery)

If you have a high bed you can feel comfortable selecting from the list above of the best bassinets for tall beds.

When choosing a bassinet to coordinate with a tall bed be sure to select one that has an adjustable height in an appropriate range. This will allow you to easily attach it to your bed (if needed) and care for your baby at night.

Keeping your baby at or near eye level ensures that feeding and soothing your little one is easier. Also, consider that the best bassinets for tall beds should meet or exceed all safety standards given by your country.

The above list has some excellent options for bassinets that are suitable for tall beds. Hopefully, you will find one that best fits your requirements.

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