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Necessities – Sleeping

Necessities – Sleeping

Below is my list of sleeping must haves. Please note, there are affiliate links in this post. Read my disclosure policy to learn more.

Bassinet Recommendations

(1)* Bassinet – I highly recommend the Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play sleeper. All my kids slept next to our bed in these until 3-6 months of age. I also recommend the deluxe model for the softer, cozier bedding.  We had received two of these for the twins. We registered for the regular version and received the deluxe as a gift. There was a big difference in the softness of the padding and we ended up returning our regular model for a deluxe model.

Fisher Price Deluxe Rock ‘N Play Sleeper

*will need (2) of these for twins

Swaddles and Pacifiers

(8)* Receiving/Swaddling Blankets – take as many receiving blankets as you can from the hospital, they are great quality (and free). The hospital blankets are big, so they are great for swaddling, and they also double as a burp cloth. I do not recommend the Gerber receiving blankets, they are too small. My absolute favorite swaddling blankets are the aden+anais muslin blankets. The muslin blankets are big and stretchy, perfect for swaddling. Between the hospital and a pack of aden+anais blankets it should be enough to start. You can always buy more if needed:

aden+anais Swaddleplus Blanket

*will need (12) of these for twins

Pacifiers – I recommend getting a couple different brands to see what the baby prefers.  Two of my kids liked the Philips Avent soothies and then switched to the Philips Avent silicone:

Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier

Philips Avent Freeflow Pacifier

While one of my kids would only take the Nuk pacifier:

Nuk Puller Silicone Pacifier

Playard Recommendations

(1)* Playard – it is really dependent on your needs whether to get the playard with the bassinet/changing area combo. Since we bought the Twin Pack N Play (see review below), which does not come with a changing station, we opted for a separate changing table on the first level of the house. Even with a singleton, a separate changing table is my preference for the following reasons. After 3-6 months the baby will outgrow the top bassinet of the playard, so where will you change the baby after that? You also need to consider finding space for the playard to stay set up for 3-6 months. Lastly, buying the basic playard will save you money because it is cheaper. With that said, I love the playards for traveling and you can use it as a portable crib for up to 3 years old. I also loved using it as playpen from 6-10 months old. It provides a safe play area,  and is especially useful when you need to leave the room for a few minutes (bathroom break anyone?). Walmart has the best deal on it:

Graco Pack N Play

*will need (2) of these for twins

Note on the Twin Pack N Play:

If you plan to travel with the twins you will need (2) portable cribs after they are 3 months old. We own the Twin Pack N Play, but I do not recommend it. There is nothing particularly wrong with it, we used it for naps when the twins were newborns. The reason I would not buy it is after the babies are 3 months old there is no use for the top bassinets. If you will be traveling and taking (2) portable cribs with you, it is bigger than the normal playards, which isn’t great when you will already have limited space in your car. We used it for some naps during the first 6 weeks and that was it as far as the advantage it gives for allowing two babies to sleep in it.  We had other devices that we ended up using for napping. Now when we travel we have an extra large playard, which is not as convenient, especially when you need 2 of them anyway.

That’s our list for Sleeping necessities. Click here to check out the complete baby gear Must Have list.