What are the most important things to consider when purchasing sippy cups for toddlers?

As a mom of twins plus one, I have been through my fair share of sippy cups.

I have found there are three characteristics that are most important when trying to pick the right sippy cup:

  • Leak proof sippy cups
  • Cups that are easy to clean
  • Cups that your toddler actually drinks from

Between all the sippy cups our family has tried out, I am easily able to narrow it down to four favorites.

I have two favorite trainer sippy cups for transitioning from drinking from a bottle and two favorites for toddlers older than 2 years-old.

A huge positive is that all of my favorite sippy cups listed are very reasonably priced.

This is good news in case you ever need to replace them.

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The Best Trainer Sippy Cups For Transitioning Away From A Bottle

NUK Learner Cup

I love this cup because its spout is not a huge change from a bottle.

All three of my kids were willing to drink from this cup and they started drinking from it before they turned 1 year old.

I also like that the cup has measurements on the side.

The NUK learner cup is easy to clean and it is a leak proof sippy cup.

One negative is the the silicone spout wears out. But, the good news is you can buy replacements.

Munchkin Weighted Straw Trainer Cup

The best part about this cup is the straw works no matter what direction your child turns the cup.

It is leak proof, as long as you hear the click when turning the lid into place.

The cup and lid are easy to clean, but a negative is the straw can be tricky to clean.

It does come with a bristled wire brush that can be inserted in the straw. It works, but it’s pretty easy to puncture a hole in the straw if you are not careful during cleaning.

Luckily, you can buy replacement straws.

You will need to estimate the amount you are pouring into this cup. The cups is 7 ounces when full to give you an idea.

I recommend trying this cup, if your child has not taken a liking to the NUK learner cup.

Leak Proof Sippy Cups For Older Toddlers

Munchkin Click Lock Insulated Sippy Cup

These cups are very easy to use and travel with. The insulation provides a little extra time for keeping milk cold.

These cups click when they are locked into place, providing confidence they will not leak. There is one plastic valve inside that helps prevent spills and leaks.

The valve is is easy to remove and put back on and it is easy to clean.

I have also found these sippy cups to very durable.

In my house, these cups pretty much get dropped on a hardwood floor daily and they are still in great condition 3 years later.

That’s pretty amazing.

It’s nice that you can get these cups with character themes (Paw Patrol, Dora, etc).

Additionally, these cups have very few parts and are very easy to clean.

One negative is the spout can get worn our over time if your children bite on it.

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup

I absolutely love these cups because they are extremely durable. You can drop them inside or outside and you will not even see a scratch.

We have four of these cups and 2 years later they are all still in perfect condition.

A huge benefit of these sippy cups is they help kids learn how to drink from a cup.

I do recommend waiting until your toddler is 2-2 and 1/2 years-old to use these. One reason for this is your toddler might not be strong enough to drink from them until at least 2 years-old.

The second reason is they spill a little bit when dropped from up high. The older your child, the less often he will be dropping his cup.

I will say I like that my children now know how to drink from a cup and the small spill that happens when these cups are dropped is not a big deal to me personally.

We do have a dog and hardwood floors at our hose, so that does make clean up very easy.

These cups are very easy to clean, but there is one watch out for cleaning.

There is a gasket that goes around the white lid to prevent leaks. Liquid can get underneath this gasket.

It’s a good idea to remove the gasket every so often and so you can clean the area underneath the gasket and clean the gasket itself.

A Sippy Cup Hack

Before I wrap this up, I wanted to share a hack I learned from our kids nanny.

After your kids finish drinking from their sippy cup, put it back in the refrigerator.

You can do this all day long and that way you will only need to wash the cups once at the end of the day.

Just make sure the cups don’t sit out of the fridge for too long. I try to return the sippy cups to the fridge after 30-45 minutes.

I will also add that we always wash our sippy cups by hand. Sippy cups are usually dishwasher safe, but I have always felt like the dishwasher leaves behind residue on plastic.

So, it’s just my personal preference to wash them by hand.

Well, that wraps up my recommendations for the top 4 leak proof sippy cups that are easy to clean.

When I reviewed the list, I found it interesting that 3 out of the 4 cups I like are made by Munchkin.

Apparently, Munchkin has just done a really good job designing excellent sippy cups.

There are so many sippy cups for toddlers and babies on the market, and it can be hard to decide which ones to try out.

I hope this review has helped you decide which sippy cups will work best for your family.

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